It’s Official!

Blake was officially sworn into the Navy yesterday. B was board selected back in the summer for The Health Services Collegiate Program (HSCP). This particular program is designed to provide financial incentives for college students in designated health care professions to complete degree/certification requirements and obtain reserve commissions in… Medical Service Corps (MSC). (source)

When Blake entered med school, he became aware of military scholarship programs. With military service in his family tree, it’s something that has always been in his blood. There were many reasons that led us to choose this particular program. 

Active duty status as OCP01, Petty Officer First Class (E-6, for those that know the military lingo) in the Naval Reserve, upon enlisting. 

B will receive full pay and allowances. 
[Tuition and books are not included–there is another program that offers only this]

We are covered under TRICARE, the Military’s insurance. We have heard nothing but wonderful things about their insurance. 

Service to our country

Chance of a lifetime to travel (possibly overseas)

Accumulating active duty years during medical school (unlike other programs) and residency which can lead to the possibility of retiring 20 years from now with a Pension

…just to name a few…

Blake’s main job is to successfully complete med school. He cannot be deployed while he is in school. For his third and fourth year, he will do his rotations, then graduate and potentially do a GMO (General Medical Officer) Tour. In this situation, he would be a general medical doctor for the Navy, wherever needed. THEN, he would continue on to his residency. Blake has a lot of time to explore different specialties before deciding on one. 

So what does this mean for our family? After Blake graduates med school (Spring 2013) we will go wherever the Navy takes us, living on or near a base. I’m especially excited to live someplace other than Florida, as I’ve lived here my entire life. We eventually want to settle in Florida because both of our parents live here, but I’m ready for a change in scenery. 
[I wouldn’t mind some fall colors, y’all!] 

For our friends and family, I hope my explanation helps!

NOW! Here are the pictures of the big day!

Signing LOTS of paperwork!!!

Swearing in…


Now, I can officially say I’m a Navy Wife! [weird] Then in two and a half years, I’ll be a Navy Doctor’s Wife. 

Going the military med route is something we’ve discussed for well over a year, and we feel it’s the best decision for our family. I’m so proud of my husband for all that he’s doing for Little Miss and me.

I love you so much, B!

Med School Stuff

If you haven’t noticed, all my posts lately have been about
B-A-B-Y! And while that’s my newest “obsession,” it’s not the only thing going on in my life. I started this blog to not only document my life, but also my and B’s journey through medical school.

So I thought I’d give y’all a break from and write about how that’s going these days. B successfully survived made it through his first year of med school. He had a wonderful experience and really enjoys the structure of his school. When we first decided to embark on this journey together, we got a lot of… in my opinion, negative advice. With all due respect, I know people were just trying to help, but to be quite honest, [and it’s my blog so I can be!] I was sick and tired of hearing people say it was going to be oh! so! hard!

I would say, “I know it’s not always going to be easy, but we can do it.” And when ‘those people’ would condescendingly smile back and say, “Ohh you have no idea,” like I was some naive little girl, I would want to rip their heads off just smile back and take it with a grain of salt.

To be completely honest, the road so far has been pretty easy. I mean, of course the hubs has had some super hard tests and late late nights studying, but as far as a strain on our relationship, there hasn’t been any. What I love about B is his talent in communication. Not everyone has his gift. If you can believe it, we’ve never had a full-blown fight. I kid you not. He’s just that good at communicating. And he’s taught me everything I know.

This year Blake is in his second year of med school and it’s off to a great start! People always told us we’d never have time to go out on dates, eat together or, basically, see one another. However, the only times we’ve ever missed a meal is if he’s playing a sport (mostly basketball) to run off some steam from the day/week, and I’m just too hungry to wait! We still watch movies together on the couch, and go out to dinner. Some nights I’ll put on my eye mask while he turns on the nightstand light to read about embryology, micro/molecular biology, or some other -ology. We make it work.

And I’m honestly not trying to sugarcoat anything. I can seriously say with a straight-face that I wouldn’t change a thing. Before moving in and starting our lives together I was very dependent on Blake. In college, I relied on him to run errands with me because I didn’t want to go by myself. Now, I am much more independent [yay! this is a huge success for an only-child, like myself] and am a lot more confident.

I’m also very fortunate to have a fabulous group of med school gfs/fiances/wives down here. We try to get together almost every week. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Be bored out of my mind when Blake’s studying…? Yep. No one understands what it’s like to be a med-school significant other unless you’re one yourself. It’s like a cult. It’s just different. It’s like military wives. No one understands unless you’re one of them, which, NOW I am one of those, too! oh boy. A med school military wife? I’m sure ‘those people’ would have a thing or two to say to me now, eh?

Of course, everything I just said will probably fly right out the window when Little Miss decides to officially join our family. I probably won’t be saying it’s so easy anymore….

But no matter what life throws at us, I’ll be with my best friend through it all. And nothing and no one is ever going to change that.

P.S. Indy loves to be with his daddy while he’s studying:
P.P.S. I know rotating and residency years are going to be a whole heck of a lot different.

The Mess.

Today is the day I’ve been dreading all summer. Blake going back to school. I have to admit, I’ve been utterly spoiled this entire summer. Besides B’s week-long trip to Jamaica for a mission trip, we have spent

But this morning, he woke up at 6:30 to start his first day of his second year of med school. People have asked, “What are you going to do now that he’s not home all day?” Well, I can assure you I won’t be bored.

Oh, no.

I have THIS to tackle:
And what is THAT, you might ask??

Oh, just the baby’s nursery.

Yep. Somewhere in there.

This used to be our spare bedroom/office/craft room. But now, there’s a much more important use for it. And all the crap stuff you see is a “collection” of baby items. [With several wedding things thrown in there.] We’ve been exceedingly fortunate to have such wonderful people in our lives. People who want to help us and give us lots of baby things. My sister-in-law has been absolutely amazing. Her mother’s group was kind enough to donate tons and tons of baby stuff to us. From maternity clothes, to baby clothes, to a changing table and matching rocker, to toys and books. It’s awesome.

BUT… now… I have to put it someplace where it actually looks like it’s been placed by a human being and not a tornado.

Since we’re renting for another year before we move back home for B to do his rotations, we aren’t able to paint the walls (kind of a bummer, but it’s okay), and the twin bed is going to stay in here since the house came furnished. It really works out nice this way because if B has a major test the next day, and Little Miss is screaming having a tough night, I can take a little hiatus to the nursery to take care of her while B gets a well rested night’s sleep for his test.

The picture above is bittersweet. I’m not looking forward to getting in there and tackling the project because 1. The “nesting” bug hasn’t quite bit me yet and, 2. I hate dislike very much to clean things out. But, on the flipside, I can’t wait to see how it will all turn out. I’m very excited to hang her wall decorations and organize her itty-bitty clothes.  

Wish me luck! =)

White Coat Ceremony

B’s White Coat Ceremony was a fabulous celebration, to say the least.
I had so much fun cooking and preparing for the brunch I held at our house before the ceremony:
B’s oldest sister got “bear” cookies with little white coats on them. So cute!
I was so proud of him! He’s worked so hard this past semester. I got teary-eyed at the end of the ceremony when all of the first-year’s stood up and we applauded.

It’s nice having a boyfriend who goes to an osteopathic medical school—he already knows how to crack necks. I love the face he’s making while he’s cracking his sister, Michelle’s neck. [oh, brotherly-sisterly love]
Michelle and I having fun in the cadaver lab =)
My parents and me after dinner. I was so happy they came down for the day to celebrate with us.
It couldn’t have been a better day! This past weekend was B’s 23rd birthday and we had another family celebration. 2010 is proving to be a pretty awesome year!


Okay, so sometimes I have all these things I want to blog about, and other times, NADA. Sometimes, randomly throughout the week, I’ll think, Ooohh, I should blog about that! But then when I sit down at my laptop, I have already forgotten what was on my mind! Does this happen to anyone else??

I guess I could start with something that really irked me this week. (Hey, who says blogging always has to be upbeat, right?!) I was running an errand at Wally World and was waiting patiently for a parking spot. This sweet elderly man was taking his dear ‘ole time backing up his Lincoln. I felt really bad because a line was starting to form behind me, but in all fairness, I had my turn signal on. (Plus, I I was starting to inch forward, but this man was making an 8-point turn backing up. Right when I’m about to pull forward even more, this dude from at least two cars back zips in and takes my VIP spot!!! What a rude [insert choice of obscenity here]!!!!!
I know this isn’t the worst thing that could happen, but STILL! I laid on my horn as hard as I could and the jerk never even flinched. I could see the Dear.Old.Man.In.The.Lincoln. shouting something at him. When I passed the old man, he said to me, “What an @$$h0L3!” Thank you, Dear.Old.Man.In.The.Lincoln, for that. It made me feel just a little better.
(thanks for letting me vent)
On a happier note…. B’s White Coat Ceremony is next Saturday! A lot of my followers are Med School Spouses and so you know what this is all about, but for those of you who don’t…. It’s a ritual in medical school that marks the transition from the study of preclinical to clinical health sciences. It can also be looked as a rite of passage. The WCC is a formal “cloaking” of students in, you guessed it, white coats—the select attire physicians have traditionally worn for over 100 years! Some schools hold the WCC at the beginning of the first year, but B’s school holds it at the beginning of the 2nd semester.
I’m really excited for his WCC. His parents and sisters are coming into town, as well as my parents. The only bummer is that his school only gives students three tickets to the ceremony! Three? That’s it?! So unfortunately only his parents and I will attend the WCC, but we’re so grateful everyone is still coming up to celebrate after.
I’ll be sure to post pics, as I know my boy will look oh-so-handsome in his white coat =)