What Mom {Really} Wants This Christmas

Wondering what that special Boss Lady of your family REALLY wants for Christmas this year? It’s real simple:

1. To pee in peace.

2. To roam the aisles of Target, Home Goods, & TJ Maxx. Alone. With no budget.

3. To not have to put ONE.MORE.KID. in his carseat. 

4. A clean kitchen. Or better yet–a personal maid!

5. A massage. Preferably at a spa. Under a cabana on a tropical island.

6. To not have to wipe any butts.

7. To sit in Starbucks alone. Drinking a (gasp!) HOT coffee, whilst reading a book not about parenting.

8. To not have to make any decisions.

9. A gourmet chef. (Who specializes in chocolatey treats)

10. A silent night.

Please, Santa? I’ve been a good girl all year. (Except for those times I yelled at my kids…)

Law of Babies & The Hoover Dam

What you’re about to read are true events.

A friend was coming over for dinner so I decided to throw the girls in the bathtub directly after school to get it out of the way. They’re normally pretty well-behaved in the tub so I thought, Hey–why don’t I jump in the shower real quick? After all, the baby was sleeping in the bassinet so I figured I had a little time. 

Plus, my scalp was really hurting. Has your scalp ever hurt because your hair is so heavy? Y’all don’t hate on my thick hair. I’m grateful for it and all, but sometimes it can be a real pain in my… er, head... because it’s so thick and long and the weight just pulls on my scalp. Damn gravity. The pain is comparable to when your two year-old wants to “play with Mommy’s hair”. Wait, maybe that’s why my scalp really hurts? I can’t be sure at this point anymore. Anyway, the only thing that makes my scalp feel better is washing it. Actually, a scalp massage by my husband does the trick, too, but since he was flying, a shampooing would suffice.

But I digress.

I put Alexander in front of the shower (there’s no door or curtain to our shower) so I can keep an eye on him, should he wake up. Which he does because Law of Babies: Whenever a mother enters a shower, a baby shall cry. 
my actual shower. 
pic cred: my actual iphone.

So I’m rinsing out the shampoo and dreading turning the hot water off, when I hear, “Adelaide stop hitting me! MOOOOMMMMM, she’s hitting me thirty times!”


How long has she been hitting her big sis while I was in the shower? How dare I care about my hygiene! Moms can be so selfish sometimes…
I throw a towel around me and fly down the hall to see: Yes. Yes, the toddler is hitting her sister. To which I sternly state, “Adelaide, stop hitting your sister.” Naturally. Then run back down the hall to tend to the still-crying newborn. 

I know he’s hungry because he looks like a blind baby bird searching for a worm. But my hair is sopping wet and I don’t want to baptize him because I don’t think I am qualified to do that; plus none of our family is here and I’d be such a jerk if I held such a momentous occasion without them. So I tell him he’s gotta take one for the team and wait while I brush my hair and ring out some of the water. But this isn’t an easy feat because my hair is naturally wavy-curly and it takes half a bottle of detangler spray and a month to brush it. No joke. My roommate in college could take a full shower before I was done brushing my hair. It sounds like I’m being ungrateful for my thick and long hair. I promise I’m not. Well maybe just a little.

So three hours go by and the baby is STILL crying. Sheesh, doesn’t he understand priorities? So I go to pick him up to nurse him, only to hear, “STOP IT ADELAIDE! MMOOOOOMMMMM, she’s hitting me again!” I run down the hall, but this time in the buff, and also this time leaking breastmilk down my body. It’s like the Hoover Dam has sprouted a leak from my boobs. I shout to the girls, “Drain the water; you’re getting out!” Then run back down the hall to the baby. Still crying.

I start to pick him up then think, I better put on some pants. It’s drafty. I STILL hear fighting from the girls so I shove the baby on the boob, then run back down the hall. With one hand, because Baby on the Boob, I get Adelaide out of the tub, towel her up, dry her off, and put on her pull-up and jammies. Emmalyn is old enough to fend for herself. Well, I wouldn’t send her out into the wild to fend for herself–yet. She’s only six! She needs to be at least ten for that. Geeze, what kind of mom do you think I am?!

The moral of the story? There is none. This was just a crazy and true scene from my life and I thought I’d share. You’re welcome 🙂 


Life Lately, in Bullet Points

– I joined a Book Club. So far I’ve read The Fault in Our Stars and The Glass Castle. It’s nice to be involved in something that requires intellectual thought instead of nursery rhymes, for once!

– I think I’ve got this whole breastfeeding thing down. I now feel completely comfortable nursing in public. I really didn’t think I would last as long as I have. And while I don’t have a set goal, I have no intentions of stopping soon. I’m just going to continue until it doesn’t work for our family anymore.

– Adelaide had a blow-out at a restaurant the other night. I prayed to the diaper bag gods that I had a change of clothes for her. Hallelujah! I did!

– Emmalyn fell off the side of the steps in the pool and went straight into her float, called for help, and grabbed the wall. We were both so proud.

– Three year-old tantrums S-U-C-K! Big time.

– I’m doing July’s #independenceARMy & #SunsOutTeekiBumsOut Yoga Challenge on Instagram. It’s been so great getting back into yoga… even if my time is limited and I sometimes have a three year-old crawling all over me. {see: Instagram video} I guess it helps me practice patience, eh? You can follow my journey on my Instagram: @katievanbrunt & at #loyallykatieyoga It’s fun and challenging!!

– Adelaide is an incredible baby! She only cries when she’s wet, tired, or hungry. She sleeps anywhere from 6-8 hours a night. {don’t hate.} She’s a true joy and I love having her in our family.

– Emmalyn is obsessed with Adelaide. It’s almost a little too suffocating. She has a tendency to wake her up with extra hard hugs and kisses. Like, multiple times a day. UGH. Honestly, I’ve tried everything I can think of to get her to stop and nothing is working. Help?!

– I can’t believe school is starting back again. So soon! I just bought Emmalyn’s school supplies. This year, she will be going to school three days a week. I’m excited for her.

– Adjusting to two kids was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Sure, it’s difficult when both are crying, one is in the bath tub, and the other needs to be fed, but we make it work. The chaos is totally worth having two daughters.

– I said I didn’t ever want to be pregnant again or have more kids than I have hands, but now I’m not so sure…

– I am thoroughly blessed I did not get postpartum depression the second time around. Praise God!

– Having a baby in the summertime is difficult. It limits our daily activities significantly, but we’re making it work.

– I never want Adelaide to grow up! I’m absolutely loving having a baby in the house!

So how has your summer been so far?!



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Open Letters

Dear Hallmark & Publix,
Please refrain from airing your Mother’s Day commercials when I am in the room. My hormones cannot take you at this time.
Thank you,
One Emotional Prego

Dear Emmalyn,
Thanks for telling Mommy her tummy is a “fat balloon.” Actually, it gave me a pretty good laugh. I love you.

Dear Cashier at Chick-fil-a,
Thank you for telling me I have the cutest baby bump. You just made my day.
Hungry Pregnant Chick

Dear Midnight Heartburn and Acid Reflux,
Stop it. Like. right. n o w. It’s not a choice.
Thank you,
Tired at 37 Weeks

Dear Postpartum Depression,
I’m going to kick your ass if you decide to show up for Round Two.
This Rock Star Mom

Dear Baby Girl,
I know your GG wants you to stay put until her vacation time, but she’s not the one waddling around with a baby wedged between her pelvis. However, if you don’t decide to come early like your big sister, then please be courteous and wait until after Emmalyn’s dance recital on the 17th.
A Mama to Almost Two

Dear Friends & Family,
Thank you for all your sweet calls, texts, and messages checking on me. I greatly appreciate it!



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Conversations With a Three Year-Old

Upon seeing a U.S. Navy flag is someone else’s yard…
Emmalyn: Look, Mommy! They have a flag for Daddy.
Me: It’s for Andrea. She’s in the United States Navy, too.
E: No, only Daddy’s in the Navy.
Me: Well, actually there are a lot of people in the Navy.
E: No! Only Daddy!
Random Girl: I’m from San Diego, but I’m vacationing in {insert where we live}
E: I live in {our new city} but I’m from Orlando.
The Hubs: Emmy, want to play basketball with me?
E: Of course, Daddy!
E: That’s putrid!
Not sure what the context was, but I hope it had nothing to do with me!
E: Mommy, you have to eat your breakfast; and you get what you get and you don’t get upset!
At least I know she’s listening!
E: Your belly is going to grow bigger–like a giant!
E: Mommy, I’ll give you privacy, but then I’ll come back to help you wipe. 
We made a Valentine’s card for my five year-old nephew, & with no prompting from me whatsoever, these are the reasons she loves her cousin…
…he’s my cousin
…he’s big five
…he’s my best friend
…I love him
…we play hide-n-seek
…he makes me laugh
…we play cars
…I love him so big!
E: There’s a burr {sand spur} in my foot, but don’t get it out! It’s my choice!
E: Good morning, Mommy! How’d you sleep last night?
Me: Very well, thank you. How about you?
E: I cried for you in my bed.
Breaks my heart…
E: Thank you for buying me new diapers {nighttime pull-ups} They’re pink, and they’re my favorite!
When she wants me to get out of bed in the morning:
E: Come on, Mommy! Get up! The sun is out!
When she wants to stay in her bed in the morning:
E: Leave me alone! The sun is not out yet.
& there are a lot more where these came from! I’m glad I try to write most of them down in Emmalyn’s not so baby book. They’ll be fun for her to look back on.

Having a three year-old is tough, but it’s also quite funny 😉

Have a happy day!



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…Watching… Fine! I confess… I am a TV junkie. I’ll admit it: I watch way too much TV. It’s my vice. I love to be lazy and curl up on the sofa after Emmalyn goes to bed, and catch up on my DVR. Some of my favorites include The Mindy Project [I die. every week. it’s hill-air-E-us!], New Girl, Modern Family, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Switched at Birth, The Fosters, Baby Daddy, Nashville, and The Carrie Diaries (which is totally the new Gossip Girl). I cannot watch reality TV!! It irks me & gets under my skin & leaves me all twitchy & in a bad mood. I don’t need to watch grown women fight, whine, and cry; I get enough of that at home with a three year-old!
…Reading… umm… does Pinterest and Facebook count at literature? didntthinkso. The last book series I read was Divergent. The first 2 1/2 books were enthralling. The last half of the third book? notsomuch. I despised the ending. Oh well! I’m sure I’ll still go see the movie. I really do love to read, though. I go through phrases where I’ll read several books in a very short period of time, then nothing for a few months. Maybe if I stopped watching so much television…
…Doing… I’ve been s l o w l y moving Emmalyn’s toys out of the playroom & into her bedroom to make way for Lil Sis. I started doing this right after the holidays. She’s been doing really well with handling toys her in room. Before, she only had books and puzzles–ya know, quiet things. Yesterday I moved in her play kitchen and the large cubby-box-organizer-thingy containing all her kitchen accessories while she was at school. Upon discovering the change after her nap she said to me, “What did you do to my room?” I asked if she liked it and she shook her head no, but I’m pretty sure she isn’t traumatized–all afternoon, & even this morning, she’s been having a blast with all the extra floor space in the baby’s room. All that’s left to move over are her musical instruments (which may or may not take a detour to the baby’s closet for a while), her dress-up clothes, and all those little random toys that I never know what to do with?

…Dreaming… about writing & illustrating a children’s book. I’ve actually already written it, but need to hunker down and get started on the pictures. This has always been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, but honestly I wouldn’t even know how to go about getting it published. One day, though. One day! If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough!

…Loving… Designing the new baby’s nursery! We decided to keep the full-size bed in there for late night feedings/early mornings. Plus, the nursery can double as a guest room when needed since there’s a bathroom attached to it. The people who previously lived in our house also had two little girls and painted this (our nursery) room a beautiful shade of aqua-ish blue. I’m uhbsessed with it! I think it will be a perfect fit for our “nautical” theme. A very fitting theme–if I do say so myself–since Daddy’s in the Navy. Here’s a little inspiration from my Pinterest board:

…Working on… Finding a rhythm. I say “rhythm” because it sounds way less daunting than “balance”, don’t you think? Trying to find balance overwhelms me, but finding a rhythm to my life seems a lot more realistic. Currently, the Hubs is working 12+ hour days, six days a week for this month’s Residency rotation; which means Emmalyn and I need to find our own rhythm. I truly thought I’d be struggling to come up for air with my husband working so much, but it really hasn’t been as bad as I imagined it. Of course it’s a drag that we get very limited time with him when he gets home from work, and there are some nights I only see him thirty minutes before he has to go to bed (just to wake up and do it all over again the next day), but I think Emmalyn and I have sort of slid into a “flow” of how our day goes. The days are long, but the years are short.

…Thinking about… Starting a Facebook page for this little blog of mine. As of right now, I just post links to my blog through my personal (& private) Facebook page. A part of me thinks creating a Loyal, Loving, & Learning FB page seems conceited–like, “Look at me! Look at me!” but I get, on average, 700 hits a day. Some days 1,000. It seems like it may be time to separate it from my private News Feed. What do you think? Would you become a “fan” if I created a LLL page?

Alrighty! So now it’s YOUR turn… I want to know all about your current events! 🙂



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FIVE on Friday

{FIVE} I’m absolutely loving our new house! & our new city. Yes, it stinks that we’re now an 8-hour drive from family, and I’m sure I’m going to have a huge meltdown 4 weeks and 3 days from now, but for now I’m happy as a camel on hump day!

{i swear we didn’t dye indy purple. hehe.}


{FOUR} Emmalyn totally bombed her first dance class (without mommy). Apparently I was over confident in thinking that the dance teacher’s daughter would be a little dancing prodigy. I thought for sure she would be her go-getter-slash-extrovert-slash-sassy-self and have a blast. I was painfully mistaken! She cried & cried & cried until the teacher called me to come get her. I was so bummed she didn’t like it–especially since she looked so darn cute in her pink tights and “singing in the rain tap shoes” as she calls them. 


{THREE} My hubby is now officially a Doctor. Yep. We He did it! Finally. But the terrible thing about it all is that I don’t even get to be called Dr. & Mrs. {vain, I know} Since he’s a Lieutenant in the Navy, Lieutenant trumps Doctor in his professional title.


{TWO} My kid is seriously hilarious. She may be the biggest handful 23 hours of any given day, but she cracks me up. Like yesterday… when she put a fake bandage under her nose and said, “I mustache you a question!” Are you kidding me?! Where does she get this from? She’s 2!


{ONE} I’m secretly [although not so secretly] counting down the days until Emmalyn starts school. It’ll be her first time in preschool (two days a week) and I cannot wait! You’d think I’d be excited to have free time to go get a massage or my nails done, but nope–I’m ecstatic to clean the house in peace! & go to the grocery store without a wild wilder beast/monkey/grizzly bear. *doing my happy dance*
Have a happy Friday!

Relieve Stress With a Sweet Mango Body Scrub – A Guest Post

I’m happy to welcome Kendra Thornton, Travel Industry Publicist and Spokeswoman, to my blog today:

During PregnancyAwareness Month I am continually reminded of the importance of staying healthy and stress free not only during pregnancy, but in all of the years throughout motherhood. Becoming a mother has been one of the biggest blessings and hardest jobs of my life. I want to be the best mom I can be to my amazing kids and that means taking time out to keep myself vibrant and full of life. With flowers budding and kids’ sports in high gear, I find my family’s days are a lot more full and active than they were a month ago. For me, that means making sure that I am as energized as possible … and what better than a spa treatment to keep you refreshed and energized!

Honolulu has become a favorite vacation spot for my family.  We stayed at one of the more popular hotels in Honolulu, the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort.  After years of working in the travel industry, I had heard many positive reviews about the hotel’s spa: Na Ho’ola.  I decided to try the Lomi Lomi Facial, which uses all natural ingredients, right from the island, that compliment my family’s holistic lifestyle. Utilizing some of the natural fruits and ingredients used at Na Ho’ola, I have recreated this at home beauty treatment in the form of a body scrub. 

Below is the recipe for the Mango Body Scrub:

1 Mango chopped

1/4 cup instant oats

1 cup of castor sugar

1 Tablespoon sweet almond oil

4 drops of orange essential oil

1 Tablespoon pineapple juice

Mix all ingredients in a bowl using a heavy spoon or fork, making sure to fully smash and incorporate the mango. You can use this scrub in the shower for an all over body experience or at the sink for a face and neck treatment. Make sure to refrigerate any leftover scrub in a tightly sealed container and to use the next time you want to exfoliate.

I love to use this scrub after a long day or in the morning to get me energized.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

:: :: ::

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to try this scrub!


Women Connect … From Mrs. to Mama


New Girl / Modern Family / Glee / Whitney / Big Bang
Taylor Swift / Michael Buble Chrstimas
write & illustrate a children’s book / write a memoir on my horrid, but enlightening postpartum depression experience 
leggings & flowy tanks {Florida cannot make up its mind}
how to keep up with the damn housework
a housekeeper 😉
God for each new day I get to wake up
People Magazine {any suggestions on a good read?}
make-believe kitchen with my two year-old
health / safety / happiness / for all 
If You Really Knew Me, You’d Know…

– I have a 2 year-old daughter named Emmalyn/”Emmy”, and I’m kinda obsessed with her.

– I love brushing my teeth. No really, I do.
– I’m still taking anti-depression meds for postpartum depression.
– I’m sarcastic. A lot. & I’m afraid people take me too seriously.
– I’d much rather stay home than go out to a bar.
– I write something about my daughter, Emmy’s life every.single.day.
– I once bought pillow cases at Goodwill because they were yellow & pretty. My husband will not sleep on them.
– I used to be fairly controlling & Type A, until I overcame PPD.
– I want three kids. I think.
– I got pregnant before we got married… whoopsies!

– I can come off as stuck-up, but really I’m just observing–I’m actually pretty shy until you get to know me.
– I find it nearly painstakingly difficult to strike up a random conversation.
– It’s a pet-peeve of mine when people *pat* me on the leg.
– Brownies & chocolate fudge are my weakness.
– When I was 17, my body was used as the model for Britney Spears‘ & Madonna’s body for Ripley’s Believe It or Not wax museum in Niagara Falls.

A Few of My Favorite Things…
.Essie Nail Polish.
.Mary Poppins.
.Messy Hair Braids.
.Green Tea.
.Anything Blue.
.Skinny Jeans.
.Home-Made Birthday Parties.

.The Holiday.
.The Beach.
.Sweet Tea.

More Personal.
There are so many risks I want to take in life, but am way too scared to take that first leap. The quote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” really resonates with me because according to this quote, my life has definitely not started. I’m stuck with one foot out of my comfort zone, but that’s all. I’m stuck. I have many ambitions in life, but am finding that it will be impossible to do them all at the same time. I also find it’s even more impossible if I don’t get my ass up and do something about these life desires. 
Navy Doctor Wife Life.

Say that 10x fast!

Growing up, I never (even in my wildest dreams) imagined I would be married to a Doctor in the Navy. {In my wildest dreams I was married to Justin Timberlake… ha!} Sometimes I can’t help but stop and ponder, “What on earth did I get myself into?” In a good way, of course. I’m not going to sugar-coat it though–there are times when I want to pull my hair out: what with all the uncertainty and sudden changes that are constantly made, unbeknownst to us. Being a med school wife has taught me a lot about patience and flexibility. Not knowing when my husband will be home each day used to be terribly annoying, but I’ve gotten used to it. My motto through it all? 

That’s life. It is what it is, and I’m just gonna roll with it! 

: : :
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If you found me through the linkup, leave me a comment so I can come *meet* you, too! 🙂 


Practically Perfect!

Better late than never for a Halloween pic, am I right?
We had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time!
Emmalyn was super excited to be a little Poppins’ penguin, and enjoyed every minute of her first “walking” Trick-or-Treating.
My *almost* two year-old had no problem waddling right up to the doors all by herself, proudly boasting:
“Trick-or-Treat… Happy Halloween… Thank You!”
The best part was when she gave out all her candy to the remaining trick-or-treaters at my in-laws.
Halloween is definitely way more fun as a parent!
Oh, and in case you were wondering… yes, I made her costume 😉