Saturday Morning Scene: New House!

I’m linking up with Katie for Saturday Morning Scene
Here is what we’re working on today…
Putting together our new {rental} home!
^^yep, that’s totally a wine cooler in the kitchen^^
we did not choose the wallpaper, haha!
french doors in master suite, opening up to back porch. i die.
do you think a certain 5lb pup would like this yard..??
…he agrees.
hope you’re having a happy weekend!

Saturday Morning Scene: We’re Moving!!

i’m linking up with Katie @ Loves of Life for my first
Saturday Morning Scene:

it’s packing day around here this morning

{and all day}
we are moving on up!
to another home 2 hours north
& only 20 minutes from both sets of emmy’s gparents!
we’re super excited about our new place!
I’ll be posting projects along the way.
can’t wait!
anyone spy indy?

Saturday Morning Scene
wanna play along?




…our new home!
{sorry it’s a crummy pic, but i took it with my phone as we were driving by before we officially crossed our T’s}
i am so happy blake & i found a place to live. it’s about 20 minutes away from our parents & 11 minutes away from the hospital blake will be interning at.
it’s a cute & quaint starter(rental)home with an amazing back yard. & there’s plenty of work to be done!
oh, the house is nicely kept & recently remodeled, but umm… there’s only one little problem.
we don’t have any furniture.
emmy does. but we don’t.
see, the first house we moved into when blake started med school was furnished. convenient for us since we were straight outta college & would only be living there for two years.
but now?
now, we’d kinda like a comfy place to lay our pretty little heads.
& that’s where the stress fun comes in.
i’ve been hanging out at all the local thrifts & consignment shops lately with my girl. she’s a terrific little shopper & we’ve been having lotsa fun perusing for great finds.
i’ll be updating y’all on our nesting journey.
hopefully i’ll make it to home depot to pick out paint colors
ooooh i can’t wait!!
do you have any favorite thrifty finds? do you love {or not so love} decorating your home? what’s your style? do you have any favorite go-to decorating sites? do share!