Ballet & The Boobie Barre

If you would have told me five months ago I would be nursing my baby in the middle of ballet class, I would have thought you were a crazy person!

Five months ago I was struggling so much with breastfeeding. Every other day I wanted to quit. Practically every other day I was visiting my lactation nurse. I was constantly text messaging friends for support. I was telling my husband, “Don’t let me give up!”

And look at me now:

It brings a whole new meaning to “The Boobie Barre”!

I also didn’t think I would be getting back into dance at three months postpartum. But I did it! I was determined to stick to my mantra of “just get moving!” I’m so thankful that my ballet class allows me to wear Adelaide, and bring Emmalyn. This class is something I look forward to each and every week. Sometimes I am super stressed leading up to it (…Emmalyn doesn’t want to get her shoes on, I accidentally take a wrong turn and end up on the interstate, Adelaide’s crying, etc., etc.) BUT I leave it all on the dance floor!

I couldn’t do the class without the amazing women and teacher who help and support me each week. They help me schlep my entire house baby stuff into the studio, and hold Adelaide while I do pirouettes across the floor.

Oh! I could easily make excuses for not going. I could easily say: “It’s just too much work… It’s too far of a drive… I’m too tired…” because let’s face it–all the latter are completely true.

But it’s so worth it. 

The hour-and-a-half my feet glide across the dance floor is therapy to me. It’s hot and sweaty therapy! For that hour-and-a-half I get to be me.

I never foresaw nursing my baby at the ballet barre in my future. But looking down at her sweet cherub face, catching her smiling at me mid-plies, is quite magical. Sharing my passion with my littlest one is special and unique, and well–just magical.

Five months ago I would have thought you were crazy for saying this was in my future.

And now? I’m the crazy person.

And I love it!



P.S. Do you think So You Think You Can Dance will add another genre of dance next season called Boobie Ballet? 😉

*TELL ME: What do you like to do for exercise post-babies? What *excuses* are holding you back? I encourage you do go after what you want–and make it happen! You are way more capable than you think!

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Prenatal Yoga

Before I ever got pregnant, I always imagined I’d be in the best shape of my life, would eat healthy, and go to prenatal yoga at least twice a week.

And now that I’m actually in those shoes? Welllll… my stamina sucks. I could barely “jog” a mile pre-preg, and I’ve done the prenatal yoga DVD 4 1/2 times now. I will give myself credit and say the only fast food I’ve had is Chick-fil-a (sorry for all you northerners who aren’t fortunate enough to experience this sweet, sweet heavenly fast food). To me, CFA is like the upscale dining of fast food. I will pat myself on the back and say that I haven’t had any Mickey D’s. Really the only time I’ve indulged in the infamous nugs anyway was in college at 2am after the bars; which, if you knew me in real life, you’d know that only ever really happened a handful of times, seeing as I’m the Queen of Homebodies.

BUT…. I’ve come to learn that saying you’re going to do something when you’re pregnant in the future, and actually doing it once you get there, are two completely different things. I’ll be the first to admit, shamefully so, that I judged other pregnant women before I was initiated. I’d say, they’re eating crap-ola! I’d never do that! Or, they just sit on the couch all day? Why don’t they get up and do something?

The truth is, you see, you never know what you’re going to be like til you’re actually there. In the beginning I swore to myself [and maybe out loud a time or two]if I wouldn’t feed it to my baby outside of my belly, then I shouldn’t be feeding it to her when she’s on the inside. Well, easier said than done. When that box of Cheese-Its and brownies are staring you down like a lion in heat, and you absolutely want to vom at the thought of anything that could been seen on Veggie Tales, those pre-meditated thoughts disappear faster than Houdini. 

At first I felt terribly guilty. And people would say, well you’re eating for two. It’s okay. Yes, but not two 110-lb people.

But back to the yoga. Like I said, I always imagined myself going regularly throughout my pregnancy. It’s not like yoga’s foreign to me. In college, the yoga instructor picked me to assist him in the class. I “modeled” in the front while he went around helping people with their form. I would do this 5-6 days a week! So to say I’d go to prenatal yoga was not a stretch by any means.

But have I gone to an actual class with a real-live teacher? 


However, my hips and lower back/butt have been pretty painful at times lately, so I decided to give the DVD another go. And lookie who decided to join me:

He does this every.single.time.
I love my little yoga buddy 🙂

*I highly recommend doing prenatal yoga. I really do feel better and more relaxed after. I can honestly say I wish I would have done it from the beginning. And while I can’t say what a “live” class is like, the DVD gets the job done and if you borrow it from a friend, it’s always free.
**Thank you, Ashley for letting me borrow the cheesy DVD! 🙂