DIY: Lenten Prayer “Treasure” Box

As a Jewish mom raising a Catholic daughter, teaching her about the Lenten season can be tricky. There’s a lot of effort and research on my end—to make sure she (make that, WE both!) properly understands the season.

I want to teach her that it’s a time to bring us closer to God. 

It’s a time to let go of materialistic things, like toys and television—things that bring us happiness only temporarily. 
It’s a time to refocus our hearts on prayer and reflection, and our relationship with God.

I want to inspire her to be better, not require her to give up television. At three years old I don’t think she can comprehend that giving up television for forty days (Oh–but except for Sundays, because that’s a day of celebration) is a sacrifice for God. It just doesn’t seem very age-appropriate, in my opinion. I could just hear her now: God doesn’t want me watching Doc McStuffins… That’s not the point I’m trying to make. 

Instead, I want to inspire her to make good choices in life.

Without over-stimulating her, (and overwhelming myself with high expectations), I’ve decided to keep it simple. Emmalyn enjoys partaking in crafts–especially those that include scissors, paint, and glue. Together, we created a: Lenten Prayer “Treasure” Box. 

I’ve seen something similar done for older children, where they write down a prayer request and put it in a box (whether it’s an old shoe box or mini-mailbox). Seeing as Emmalyn cannot write yet, but is absolutely capable of praying for people (as she demonstrates on her own every evening either at dinner or bedtime), I’m going to have her cut out pictures of people, or help her draw them, then transcribe her very own personal prayer onto a piece of paper. Most of the time she’s rather specific in her prayers so it should be very interesting and entertaining to see what she comes up with. Then, she will put them in her very own Lenten Prayer Treasure Box. 
**   **   **
The steps to creating our Lenten Prayer “Treasure” Box were quite simple.
Step One: Grab a cute kid.

Step Two: Pick out a box big enough to hold approximately forty strips of paper/pictures.
We got our box at Michael’s Crafts.I believe it was $10.
Step Three: Let her have at it! 
As someone who loves crafting myself, I had to sit on my hands! This wasn’t my project–but Emmalyn’s. Oh, and that mini-treasure box you see? It was the original one she picked out, but obviously not big enough; therefore, we ended up with two treasure boxes.
Step Four: Add stickers!
The paint dries pretty quickly, but we still waited until the next day to add stickers to it. Again, I kept my mouth closed when Emmalyn picked out her own stickers at the craft store. She picked cupcakes and princess castles. They’re felt and super sticky on the backside. I thought I was going to have to reglue them after she went to bed, but seriously, those suckers aren’t coming off!
Step Five: Voila! Easy enough, right?!
My hope is to have her do one prayer every day, but I’m not going to fret if we miss a day every now and again. The point isn’t to have her do it for forty days, but rather to get her thinking about doing good for others, the way Jesus did for her. 
I want her to practice being grateful, while also strengthening her relationship with God.
–>> What are you plans for Lent? Do you have a children’s activity up your sleeve? If so, I’d love to hear/see about it! Leave me a link in the comments if you have one. –>>
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Practically Perfect!

Better late than never for a Halloween pic, am I right?
We had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time!
Emmalyn was super excited to be a little Poppins’ penguin, and enjoyed every minute of her first “walking” Trick-or-Treating.
My *almost* two year-old had no problem waddling right up to the doors all by herself, proudly boasting:
“Trick-or-Treat… Happy Halloween… Thank You!”
The best part was when she gave out all her candy to the remaining trick-or-treaters at my in-laws.
Halloween is definitely way more fun as a parent!
Oh, and in case you were wondering… yes, I made her costume 😉

Baby’s 1st Ornament

I’ve been trying to find an ornament for Emmy’s first Christmas, but decided it would be more meaningful and memorable if I made one for her instead. [Meaningful and memorable for mom… lol] Plus, I needed something quick and easy because it’s a lot harder to get big projects done these days!
I got a clear ornament and here’s what I filled it with:

I also put in pearls and rhinestones but forgot to take pictures.
Then, these letter stickers for her name:

I’m pleased with how it turned out


Just a little sumthin’ sumthin’ I’ve been working on for Little Miss this past week. Thought y’all might want to see.

Now, I like to think of myself as crafty because I like it and think it’s fun and all, but I’m no expert and I mess up. A lot. But I have fun through trial and error. (most of the time)

I knew I wanted to add a little pizzazz to the babe’s onesies, so I went out and bought a regular boring white pack of 0-3 month’s since I knew I was just experimenting, and was likely to mess up given my track record 😉

This is what I came up with:

Not bad for a first-timer, eh?
These little pretties are made using these bad boys:
[source: Google]

They’re called ‘yo-yo’ makers and I stumbled upon them at Michael’s Crafts. They come in all sorts of sizes (I have the largest and smallest). The directions are SUPER simple.
You can make all kinds of things with them…
[source: Google]

The possibilities are endless. I was surprised to see what all was out there when I googled “fabric yo-yo”

I also crafted this little baby to hold all her new hair clips.
Just a $4.00 picture frame from Wally World, minus the glass. I hot glued ribbon to the back and voila! 
p.s. They’re all made by yours truly 🙂

AND they match the onesies I made.
They just clip right onto a headband, but I can wear them myself in the mean time!

So now that I’m a big-shot expert and all, I think I can move on to 
bigger pizzazz-y projects!

What do you think??!

My New BFF

Who says money can’t buy friends?! Here’s proof that you can:
Yep, this is my new best friend. I bought her for $30 at a garage sale. She’s a beauty. I’m so excited! B’s mom was in town this weekend for his birthday and helped me get set up. The only sewing experience I have is sewing buttons and years of Pointe shoes, but never anything on a machine. After practicing on some extra fabric I had, I made a little pin cushion (stuffed with cotton balls because it’s all I had), a bandanna for Indy; and I sewed four small patches together (kind of like a quilt). I surprised myself! (I guess it’s all the Martha Stewart I watch.) I was such a nerd, too, because every time I made something I’d run out to show B my “creation.” [hehe]
My boss asked me what a 23-year-old is doing with a sewing machine. I told him I want to be able to make things like curtains, pillows, quilts, etc., and one day baby/kids clothes.
I told my mom I love the way my new sewing machine smells. It smells like a grandma just made a quilt. Ahh… (I know I’m a goofball.) Well, I’ll be sure to post my finished products. I know a lot of you sew out there… what’s your specialty???

Relaxing & Crafting

This past weekend and week has been really wonderful. On Sunday, I took Indy with me to a marina about fifteen minutes from our house. B was basically on lockdown studying for a huge test so I wasn’t about to sit around doing nothing. I laid out a huge towel in the shade for me to lay on and Indy to run around on, and read my book. I didn’t get too much reading done because everyone who walked by wanted to meet Indy. I can’t wait until the weather gets cooler here (not for a while though!) so I can spend more time there.

On Tuesday, B got home from school early and I had the day off so we went out and had ice cream near the beach. Other restaurants and shops surround a park there so we brought Indy with us. It sure looks like he wants a bite of my scoop. What do you think?!

Also this week, I got inspired by these precious flower broaches I saw on Martha Stewart and decided to get crafty. The directions are pretty simple and I did I better job than I thought I would. I added a little pearl to it to add a little southern class. I also ended up sewing a smaller yellow flower onto a hair clip. I think they turned out pretty cute:

I keep forgetting how much I like the fall. As you know, Halloween costumes and decorations are already flooding the stores. Even pumpkins are waiting to be picked. I love dressing up for Halloween. Last year B and I were a dentist and a tooth fairy. I love couples and themed costumes. Do you know what you’re going to be yet?