Getting Ready With a Toddler & an Infant… Oh Boy!

Alarm goes off.
Hit szooze.
Alarm goes off again.
Wake up.
Chug down a Boost shake and water.
Wake up Adelaide with a diaper change.
Sit down in bed to nurse. 
Curl my toes in pain and count backwards from 10 until it passes.
Peruse Facebook, Instagram, and e-mails while nursing.
Is Emmalyn going to wake up while I’m still nursing? She’s going to want to eat. But wait, we’re meeting family at the hotel for a free continental breakfast. 
Emmalyn wakes up, smothers Adelaide with kisses while still attached to me. Ow…
“Okay, Emmy, change out of your Pull-up so we can go eat at the hotel.”
“No, Mommy, I want to give Adelaide a hug and kiss and lay here with my ‘nigh-nights’ [blankets] so I can be comfy.”
“I need to you to get out of your stinky Pull-up. Now, please.”
She doesn’t budge. Great…
Put baby down.
Grab clothes out of Emmalyn’s room, all the while with a boob hanging out. They’ve gotta air out, right??
Start changing into my own clothes.
Baby cries. Pick her up, sans pants.
Get her to calm down. Lay her back down again.
Threaten Emmalyn not to see her cousin if she doesn’t get dressed.
Thank goodness, it works.
Baby cries again.
Maybe I should put her in the Ergo. But then how can I get dressed if I’m wearing a baby? Nope, that won’t work.
Baby settles down.
Start to put on make-up.
Boob still out.
Emmalyn decides to dump an entire game board on the floor, complete with an insane amount of token-type pieces. 
I’ve never even seen this game before. Where did it come from?
“Emmalyn, you need to clean that up. We need to go.”
“No.” Of course not.
Finish putting on make-up.
Side-braid hair.
Still no pants.
Baby cries.
Maybe she’s hungry again. But I literally just fed her. But she’s three weeks old–didn’t the nurse say three-weeks is another growth spurt phase and she will probably want to cluster feed again? Yes, okay.
Feed baby again.

Boob’s already out anyway.
Curl my toes in pain and count backwards from 10 until it’s all good. Again.
“Emmalyn, please put away the game and put on your shoes and socks.”
Did I feed the dog? No…
I haven’t even brushed my teeth.
I haven’t even put on pants.
Finish nursing, change the baby into actual clothes, put her into the car seat.
Oh, she’s not going to be happy.
She’s not happy.
Lather up on nipple cream and pack on the nursing pads.
Oh, such is the life of a mom…
Throw on clothes. Finally.
Game pieces are still scattered all over the floor.
Whatever, I’ll get it later.
“Emmalyn, shoes and socks. Your sister is crying. We’ve gotta go.”
By the Grace of God, Emmalyn gets her shoes and socks.
Grab car seat and diaper bag.
Shoot, haven’t brushed my teeth. Probably should do that so I don’t kill anyone I meet.
Brush teeth.
Walk out the back door. 
“Mommy, hold my hand.”
“I can’t. I don’t have any hands. Let me put your sister in the car and I’ll come back for you.”
Put Adelaide in the car, run back to help Emmalyn down the stairs.
Emmalyn decides to take her sweet time climbing into the car.
In a moment of impatience, I pick her up and put her in her car seat, despite the fact I’m only three-weeks postpartum and am not suppose to lift more than twenty pounds. Emmalyn is 31.
HOLY HELL. Feel a major pain in the back of my ribs.
I should not have just done that! Why did I do that?!
Oh well, at least I’m wearing pants. 
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Hang in There!

So it’s been just over two weeks now since we brought home our newest little girl. I knew things were going to be tough, and I have dreaded the sleep deprivation, but I think I underestimated just how hard things would be. Fortunately, we have a little love who is (knock-on-wood) a very easy baby. She basically only cries when she’s hungry; otherwise she is quite content sleeping or looking around. The hardest part on me is feeling like a zombie, and the breast feeding. If the B word makes you queasy or if you’re my Dad, feel free to skip this post.

With Emmalyn, I only breast fed for two weeks before basically calling it quits. I was crying to her pediatrician about how painful and exhausting it was. She told me I needed to do what was best for me so that I could be happy and my baby could be happy. Ultimately, I felt like that was to switch over to formula. We’ll never know if it was the “right” decision, but it is what it is. We moved forward.

Throughout most of my pregnancy I had basically decided I was just going to formula-feed again; after all, I had done it once before, why not do it again? However, towards the last couple of months of my pregnancy, I felt a strong sense of urgency to breast feed. I didn’t really even have to talk myself into it—I just felt like it was something my body wanted to do for my baby.

When I delivered Adelaide, the nurse was impressed by how much colostrum I was already producing (see, I told you to skip this post, Dad) and was happy with her latch. Things are already such a blur, but in the hospital, I don’t remember it being painful. Fast forward to coming home from the hospital…. OUCH!

I visited the lactation nurse back at the hospital and she attributed my pain to a poor latch, mostly due to the placement of Adelaide’s lower lip. She showed me how to do a better latch and said that if it hurt, to take her off and repeat twenty times if I needed to. I went home a practiced best I could, taking her off and back on again. I was pleasantly surprised by how calm I was about it all. Before feeding, I’d kiss my baby’s soft little cherub cheek and say, “Let’s do this!”

I thought things were going well until one morning when I was feeding Adelaide and Emmalyn was standing right next to me. I felt that the latch was completely wrong and painful so I took Adelaide off and that’s when I saw blood all over her mouth. Poor Emmalyn, witnessing the whole thing, ran to her room crying. She told my mom she was worried about her little sister. I felt awful. I knew the blood wasn’t harmful to the baby—it was just a major pain to me, but I felt so sad for my Big Girl.

I immediately texted the lactation nurse to see if she could squeeze me in. I went later that day and she recommended using a shield to let my body heal. There were many tears over that first weekend. I was extremely emotional.

Every other feeding I wanted to quit. Every other feeding I felt like I could actually make this work. Back and forth. Back and forth. There were so many cluster-feedings. I would nurse for fifteen to thirty minutes, burp, swaddle, get comfy in bed, and then wham! She was back to sucking, so I had to start the whole process over again. I can’t wait until I don’t have to wake her to feed at night anymore. One night, I didn’t have my phone by my bed so I didn’t hear my alarm go off. She slept for five glorious hours!

This whole thing is so much harder than I could imagine. I began reaching out to other women, some old friends, some new, some nearby, others far from home. They all released stories to me about their pain and frustrations, complete with blood, sweat, and tears. Literally. They all said give it 2-4 weeks. HANG IN THERE! they’ve cheered. I’m so grateful for friends who want to reach out and support me.

Breast feeding has left me feeling depleted most of the time. Just entirely drained, trying to stay on top of things. Most of the time I have to force myself to eat because I don’t have an appetite even though I’m hungry. While Emmalyn has been so receptive of her little sister, there are times when she’s been super clingy to me and has thrown several big tantrums. It’s tough to watch when I have a baby literally stuck to my skin.

I’m immensely blessed to have a husband who plays a huge role in helping me feel better. He’s my biggest motivator. For that first week I think we were both scared of walking down the same scary path that plagued us three-and-a-half years ago. I hate to say I was waiting for the pin to drop, because I didn’t want to think that way, but a little part of me would wonder if today is the day things fall apart? I don’t feel that way any longer. I’m being completely proactive: back on anti-anxiety medication as a precaution, and even “checked-in” with my therapist yesterday.

It’s a total 180 from how I felt after the birth of Emmalyn. I’m not carrying around any irrational fears or anxiety. I have the normal “nervousness” of nursing in public for the first time, and preparing to take my first outing with both girls, but that’s what it is: Normal.

The best I can do is keep moving forward. Interacting and trying to keep a normalcy with Emmalyn helps a lot: giving her a bath, reading to her, talking her through her tantrums, etc. From the very beginning I’ve gotten out of the house for fresh air. For the first week I was scared I wouldn’t have the inner motivation to “just do it” by myself, but I am feeling much more confident. I have already been out of the house numerous times with Adelaide. My next feat is taking both girls to Adelaide’s 2-week well-baby checkup tomorrow. But hey—if anything goes wrong, at least we’re already at the hospital… and my husband works there!

Wish us luck! 😉

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Adelaide Quinn
I can’t believe we’re finally a family of four!
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Book Review: Tiny Blue Lines… & I’m in it!

As a young woman who found myself surprisingly expecting a baby less than a year out of college and not married, reading Tiny Blue Lines was very nostalgic for me. I wish this book had been around four years ago for me, as I carried a lot of guilt and insecurities throughout my first pregnancy. At the time I felt like no one understood how I was feeling even though I knew I wasn’t the first person to have a baby out of wedlock. But no one reached out to me and it was quite lonely inside my head at times.

Chaunie understands the multi-faceted guilt that goes along with an unplanned pregnancy. I was reading and silently shouting, “Yes! She gets it! She gets me. She understands exactly how I felt.” Tiny Blue Lines tells young mothers that we are not alone! I appreciated that Chaunie wrote this book as if she were having a conversation with me over a cup of coffee in her home; like she was a comforting and nonjudgemental big sister. I felt as if she was holding my hand the whole way through cheering, “You’ve got this girlfriend—you can do it!”

Chaunie showcases real-life women who come from different walks of life, and chose different paths. Some put their education on hold, while others did whatever it took to graduate. Some shifted their dreams and made them a reality. Some decided to get married before baby, while others waited, or chose to co-parent instead. No matter what they decided, they all—we all—have one thing in common: 

Our lives changed for the better. Our babies were a surprise blessing—never a mistake. 
My favorite line from the book is “…things are not always as they seem. There are no accidents with God, and life is always an intentional gift.”

I enjoyed her “Marriage Before Carriage” advice which includes topics like: “There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to have a wedding,” “Accept help,” and “Wear comfy shoes,” among other things to consider. Her practical and sometimes witty advice is a breath of fresh air, contrary to advice I was once forced to hear such as, “Oh you’ll figure it out—don’t worry.” Therefore, I love that at the end of the book Chanuie provides detailed advice and specific resources. She never stops gifting the real-life advice young mothers need to help navigate such a huge change in their life.

I laughed out loud at some of the stories she shared about the ridiculous things people (usually strangers) would say to her and other young mommies while out in public because I could absolutely relate. One time, as I was being rung up at a department store, the clerk looked at me and my (then) one year-old daughter in the stroller and said, “You must not be much older than the baby.” I even had my weddings rings on! But Chaunie has been there many times before and she understands. Reading her words makes you feel like you’re not alone.

One of my favorite parts of the book was when Chaunie mentioned me as an “inspiring woman.” It was a surprise to me, and I had the happiest and cheesiest grin glued onto my face.

Chaunie’s bravery and courage to put herself and her very personal story out there in the world for everyone to see is admirable. She is a blessing to young mamas everywhere.

Without a doubt, I would recommend Tiny Blue Lines to any young mom who finds herself surprisingly expecting a little blessing in her life. Every woman should have someone to hold her hand and cheer her on. Chaunie will do just that! 

// // // 

You can read & find out more about Chaunie Marie Brusie and Tiny Blue Lines, here. Do it!
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To-Do Before Baby

You know your Due Date is quickly approaching when:
a. You have done more loads of laundry than you can count
b. You cannot sleep 
c. You keep checking the front door for packages from Amazon
d. You feel like your next sneeze will send the baby through your birth canal
e. All of the above

If you picked “e” then you are correct, my friend. There’s a laundry list (no pun intended) of things I’d like to accomplish before the baby comes. Notice how I said: “I’d like to…” because really, nothing HAS to get done before the baby arrives. As long as my boobs don’t disappear anytime soon and the hospital sends me home with diapers (for both baby & me), I’m all set. Even the car seat doesn’t technically need to be installed–we can do that one there.

However, it would be icing on the cake if I could accomplish at least some things on my many on-going lists. With my first baby, everything was done weeks and weeks–if not three months–in advance (i.e., hospital bag packed). With more or less than 25 days ’til D-Day {eek!!}, I’m proud of what I’ve checked off thus far:

Wash newborn clothes
Hospital bag packed (ehem... does it count if I have at least written the list?)
Emmalyn’s bag packed (in case we have to send her off somewhere real fast)
Buy baby book
Wash breast pump (find it first…)
Buy new nursing bras
Install car seat (it’s washed and sitting in baby’s room. Good enough.)
Hang up wall art in baby’s room 

Order Big Sister gift from Mommy & Daddy
Get gifts “To & From” sisters (someone suggested the baby *get* Emmalyn a gift, and Emmalyn get the baby a gift. I thought this was a super cute idea)
Stock up on Tucks & pads
Emmalyn’s totally necessary outfit for meeting her new baby sister in the hospital
Deep clean the house
Going Home Outfit, complete with ridiculously cute big bows

You would think I would be stressed with all the “To-Do’s” but I’m not. Not this time around! I know the importance of Letting Things Go. Sometimes you just need to take care of Y-O-U and I refuse to compromise my sanity and health for the sake of a clean house or fancy newborn outfits. For the most part, I’ve been having fun checking things off the list bit-by-bit, especially ordering things off Etsy and Amazon, and decorating Baby Girl’s room. I realize that if I can’t check off something from the list, it’s not the end of the world. That’s what husbands are for…



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Bumpdate: 36 Weeks ~ Baby #2

How far along: 36 weeks… 4 weeks left… 1 week ’til full-term 🙂
Symptoms: Oh how I despise you heartburn, indigestion, & acid reflux… especially in the middle of the night! Also, itchy legs, hip/groin/back pain, tiredness
Total weight gain: 24 pounds… less than what I gained with Emmalyn, so far. I have her to thank, too, because she doesn’t let me sit still.
Gender: girl!
Movement: Somtimes her kicks and punches are so sudden and intense that they can be painful
Sleep: I’ve been applying lavender essential oil to my face and have been meditating before bed and it has helped a lot! It also helps that Emmalyn is finally letting Blake put her to bed, so I can sneak in a little extra downtime like reading watching Dancing with the Stars before I call it a night.
Cravings & Aversions: I’ve had such a sweet tooth for chocolate
What I Miss: Not having to pee every thirty minutes (or less)!
Looking Forward To: Finding out what this new little one will look like!



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Only-Child Expiration

I’ve been pretty emotional lately, thinking about Emmalyn no longer being an only child, and how our moments of just “Emmy-&-Me” are fleeting. Really, just thinking about it now—to type these words—is sending me into basket-case mode. It seems selfish to say I’m “mourning” the loss of her being an only-child, when we are about to welcome such an incredible gift into our family, but that’s how I feel. I never imagined or wanted Emmalyn to be an only-child, and having another baby is a blessed miracle come true, but I can’t help but feel insanely emotional over it. Maybe it’s because I’m an only-child, and I’m losing this ‘piece’ Emmalyn and I share together? I’m not sure…
With more-or-less than five weeks to go until we become a family of four {say, what?!?}, I’m desperately trying to make extra lovey-dovey and exciting memories; and freeze these moments, engraving them deep into my marrow. We even went out for ice cream, which if you know me personally, is a big deal for me because I only let Emmalyn eat ice cream at birthdays. I’m carrying this huge bag of guilt around, and am finding myself becoming a pushover when it comes to my soon-to-be Biggest Girl. I want to do everything I can to make her the happiest she can be in these last few weeks of being an Only Child.
Like the other day… I really didn’t want to walk to the park because my big ‘ole belly makes me feel like I’m carrying around permanent 50-lb. weights, but Emmalyn wanted to and I wanted to make her happy. Taking her to the pool by myself over the weekend was also physically exhausting, but the pure look of giddiness on her face and the sound of her non-stop laughter was simply magical. I traded in my permanent weights for a permanent smile across my own face. It made every ache and pain in my pregnant body 100x worth it.
I’ve almoststopped complaining about laying in her bed (for sometimes up to an hour) while she falls asleep, and instead, sit there in silence, replaying her beautiful smile over and over in my head. I know the moments of catching her in a peaceful slumber are becoming less and less frequent. I try to remember her little idiosyncrasies, like how I have to turn every!single!page! in the book at the end even if there aren’t any words or pictures on these pages. Or how her pillow has to be placed just so in order to lay her little blonde head down. Or how she has to pick out the “right” silverware to eat from. The list goes on and on…
I never want to forget these moments with her. 
For the past three-and-a-half years, Emmalyn has been my life—my “best girl,” as I say to her. And in five weeks, her world will be flipped upside down and she will have to share that title. A part of me is sad for her–to have to give up a part of her time with me to share with her little sister. Some days I’m just not ready. Then there’s the other part of me who couldn’t be more ecstatic to witness my two girls become the best of friends, each other’s maid of honors, and partners in crime (even if that involves lying to me and sneaking behind my back)!

I know she’s a happy child and her love-tank is filled. This is only the beginning of some pretty amazing memories being made, so I know I shouldn’t feel guilty. I know it. I do. But I can’t help it. I find myself terribly teary-eyed throughout the day (damn hormones!) over how incredible my little girl is. 
She’s the light in my life; what makes my world so perfect. She’s the greatest gift I’ve ever been given, and I love her more than anything else in the world.



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How to Have a Successful Family/Maternity Shoot

Here are my top eight tips on how to have a successful family/maternity shoot:
8. Have your photographer wear a monkey on her head to capture your three year-old’s attention
7. Clone your photographer or sneak her a magical drink to grow an extra set of arms
6. Hire a retired Olympic runner to chase after your wild free-spirited child
5. Bribe! Bribe! Bribe! said free-spirited child with cookies and/or lollipops
4. Allow child to eat sand just so you can sneak in a pretty picture with your husband
3. Imagine the worst possible scenario, like your child throwing The World’s Greatest Tantrum, then be pleasantly surprised when that actually doesn’t happen
2. Pray
1. Just let it be
Does this look like the face of a child who would run wild and free??
 ^ ^ I’m seriously obsessed ^^
Maternity pictures were so much easier the first time around, but I’ll admit they’re so much sweeter the second time around, being able to include “The Big Sister.” 
Have you gotten maternity/family pictures taken? What tips would you add?
Thank you to Danielle Wilkinson Photography… Can’t wait until the newborn shots!
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Conversations With a Three Year-Old

Upon seeing a U.S. Navy flag is someone else’s yard…
Emmalyn: Look, Mommy! They have a flag for Daddy.
Me: It’s for Andrea. She’s in the United States Navy, too.
E: No, only Daddy’s in the Navy.
Me: Well, actually there are a lot of people in the Navy.
E: No! Only Daddy!
Random Girl: I’m from San Diego, but I’m vacationing in {insert where we live}
E: I live in {our new city} but I’m from Orlando.
The Hubs: Emmy, want to play basketball with me?
E: Of course, Daddy!
E: That’s putrid!
Not sure what the context was, but I hope it had nothing to do with me!
E: Mommy, you have to eat your breakfast; and you get what you get and you don’t get upset!
At least I know she’s listening!
E: Your belly is going to grow bigger–like a giant!
E: Mommy, I’ll give you privacy, but then I’ll come back to help you wipe. 
We made a Valentine’s card for my five year-old nephew, & with no prompting from me whatsoever, these are the reasons she loves her cousin…
…he’s my cousin
…he’s big five
…he’s my best friend
…I love him
…we play hide-n-seek
…he makes me laugh
…we play cars
…I love him so big!
E: There’s a burr {sand spur} in my foot, but don’t get it out! It’s my choice!
E: Good morning, Mommy! How’d you sleep last night?
Me: Very well, thank you. How about you?
E: I cried for you in my bed.
Breaks my heart…
E: Thank you for buying me new diapers {nighttime pull-ups} They’re pink, and they’re my favorite!
When she wants me to get out of bed in the morning:
E: Come on, Mommy! Get up! The sun is out!
When she wants to stay in her bed in the morning:
E: Leave me alone! The sun is not out yet.
& there are a lot more where these came from! I’m glad I try to write most of them down in Emmalyn’s not so baby book. They’ll be fun for her to look back on.

Having a three year-old is tough, but it’s also quite funny 😉

Have a happy day!



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Sleep is my Favorite

I love to sleep. There’s no question about that. The only thing I’m dreading about having a newborn in the house again is the lack of sleep I’ll be getting.
One thing I was so blessed with Emmalyn was that she was sleeping through the night at four months old. [Please don’t throw things at me!] I had it ingrained in my head that I needed to “sleep train” my baby to make our lives easier. Honestly, our personal version of “sleep training” Emmy really worked. For us, at least. I would put Emmy down to sleep while she was still awake, and to this day I still believe that was one of the best things we could have done. She’s always been such a good sleeper–walking to her crib/toddler bed and going to sleep on her own.
That is, until now. Or rather, a few months ago.
When we moved this past July, we had a couple of smooth weeks of sleep, where Emmy would crawl into her bed on her own after we read, sang, and said prayers. Then once new things started popping up in her life–like school & dance class, she started putting up a fight over going to bed.
& by “fight” I mean, kicking & screaming & hitting…
It was miserable.
For e v e r y o n e.
We tried a couple of different sleep training “styles” (if you will). 
The first we tried was to lay (or is it lie??) in bed with her for several nights…
…then sit on her bed for a few nights… 
…then sit on a chair in the middle of her room for the next several nights… 
…then on a chair outside her door. 
The point was to eventually not be in her room at all. We didn’t want to get in the habit of lying in bed with her because either the hubs or I would fall asleep, then wake up who-knows-when and miss half (if not all) of our evening together. Not to mention I always felt so groggy after falling asleep in her bed.

This really seemed like it would work, but alas, she just kept getting out of her bed. Some nights she would put up a fight, and others she would simply be a little Miss Chatty Cathy.

I swore I could get the whole “Super Nanny” technique to work for us. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s where you put the child to bed and say, “goodnight and I love you,” then, if & when the child gets out of bed, you don’t say a word, but put him/her back into bed. You may have to do this 20-200 times a night, but with each day it’s suppose to be less and less, until at last they don’t get out of bed at all. I’m telling you I tried this–and I was s o o o o patient and consistent (for well over a month!), but it just didn’t work for us. There are days when I’m still in denial over it not working for us. I was seriously such a firm believer that this was the way to go to get Emmalyn to sleep.
By the time Emmalyn would finally wear herself out and hit the hay, it would be after 10pm!! We would be at this whole bedtime torture thing for over two hours! Not okay.

When you know something isn’t working for your family, you have to take a step back and reevaluate the situation.
So what did we end up doing?

Well, through a lot of prayer & reading, I felt in my heart that it was okay to scratch the whole “sleep training” theory and
Sometimes I have to remind myself that Emmalyn is only three–although she talks like she’s seven, and often acts that old, too. Sometimes I just need to cut her a break and treat her like she’s three years-old.
Therefore, our current bedtime routine, starting around 6:30-7pm, is:
1. Bath, brush teeth, pajamas

2. Sit on rocking chair in family room with a dim light & “Relaxation” Pandora

3. Review our letter flash cards

4. Read three books

5. Turn out the lights, but keep the music on

6. Say our prayers

7. Sing lullabies

8. Rock her until she falls asleep
Typically, she will fall asleep within thirty minutes or less (around 8-8:30pm). On a “bad” night, which is pretty rare these days, it can take her closer to an hour. I make it clear to her from the beginning that she either has to rock with mommy or lie in bed (by herself). Of course there are days when she wants to get down and go back and forth between her bed and the rocking chair, but those days are getting fewer and farther between. No matter what though, I stay consistent and don’t let her walk all over me by changing the “rules” on me. This sometimes means being patient while she throws a few tears around until she gets the picture that mommy means business. 
One great piece of advice I got from a family member is to make sure Emmalyn is waking up at the same time every morning. On the two days she goes to school I wake her up around 6:45am, but if I were to let her sleep in on all the other days, she would stay in bed until 8:00am. [again, don’t throw things at me!] I’ll admit, I got spoiled with her sleeping in because it meant this momma could sleep in, too; and it’s been such a luxury to me while being pregnant. However, this inconsistent wake-up made for a really mixed-up bed time because one day she was tired enough to fall asleep at 8:00, but then the next she was nowhere near tired until closer to 10pm! Since waking her up at 6:45 every day (although not every Sunday), our bedtime routine has been so much smoother and more predictible–just how I like it! I also make sure to wake her up from her nap no later than 3:30pm, whether she falls asleep at 1:30 or 2:30. If she sleeps past 3:30, her bedtime is pushed back… causing wifey-hubby-time to be pushed back… no bueno
At first I battled with if this was the “right” way to go about getting her to sleep, since it seemed like we were heading in the opposite direction, but then I realized that this is what works for us. For our family.  I’m tired of reading the judgmental posts I see on Pinterest and mommy blogs that say: “This is what you MUST do to get your child to sleep!” What works for some may not work for another. I think about how my daughter will never be this little again; & one day she’s not going to want to cuddle with me anymore. [tear]

Even if I’ve had a super stressful and frustrating day, rocking my little girl brings me back to reality and puts me in a happy place. I hold her in peaceful silence, thanking God for my beautiful angel. And that’s all right.



So what’s your bedtime routine like for your little one(s)? Have you ever had to change your “original” plan and try something new? How did it work out?

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