My 2 year-old

Having a two year-old is hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun!!
Weekly gymnastics class
Learning how to climb her dresser
{mommy also learned how to remove the dresser from her room}
Strawberry eating picking
Playing with mommy’s mascara
Family bike rides!
Weekly music class
Beautiful smiles
Park play dates
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My Life. In Bullet Points… Kinda.

Boo! Hey! I’m still here y’all!
There’s just been so much going on lately that I haven’t found time to do one of the things I really love to do: Blog! I’ve done a lot of contemplating and *soul-searching* and while I’ve wanted to share my feelings, a part of me has been too afraid. Afraid of what? That is a whole other post, but to sum it up, I’m mostly afraid of putting myself out there. A part of me loves the thrill of writing to the “inter-space” but the other part of me feels too bashful. But I’ve decided to kick the bashful part to the curb!
No more scared-y-pants!
Anywho… here are My Life’s Bullet Points:
  • The hubs was away for nearly a month on a med school rotation. That’s always fun. Not
  • I contemplated chopping my hair off, but after a FB “poll” I have decided to wait.
  • We are moving 10 hours away from family in June. It’s crazzzzyyy, I tell ‘ya!
  • I started running 3x a week for about 25 minutes at a time. Granted, I take walking breaks, but it’s better than being on the couch!
  • I’ve been reading a lot of inspirational/self-improvement books. What a fantastic way to spend extra time–bettering myself!
  • Emmalyn started gymnastics/tumbling classes. It’s adorable. & quite hilarious. I will have to post a video ASAP
  • I’ve been participating in The Paper Mama‘s 52 Weeks of Drawing Challenge. It’s a royally fun time! If you want to see what I’ve been drawing, you can check it out on my Instagram (katievanbrunt)

My hopes for the future are to expand on the latter, but for now, that’s the quickie version!

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