My baby girl will be two in two days. 
I cannot believe it.
I cannot. I cannot. I cannot.
{the little engine who could, anyone?}
What was I saying?
Oh yes! Emmalyn will be two on Saturday.
It’s crazy. 
You know, when Emmalyn turned one, it was exciting to me. It meant we had *survived* the first year of parenthood. But now that she’s turning two, I’m kind of sad. It means she’s not a baby anymore. Now, some could argue she hasn’t been a baby for a while now with the way she can carry on a completely comprehensible conversation with strangers, but otherwise she’s a baby.
Two is not a baby anymore. She’s seriously so grown up. I know, it sounds kind of ridiculous, but she is. She says things like:
“How are you?”
“Where are we going next?”
“Name’s Emmy. Nice to meet you.”
“Indy’s a good boy. I feed Indy Cheerios. He’s hungry. Indy’s so funny.”
“May I have it?”
“Come here. I have to tell you something.”
“Did you have fun at yoga, Mommy?”
It’s unreal.
She knows her ABC’s, counts to 16, counts backwards from 6, can spell “Emmy”, and can do a forward roll. She sings songs from The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, in addition to the toddler standards.
& turning two would not be complete without a full-on tantrum in Target. One that involves kicking, screaming, and throwing oneself onto the floor–all because one does not want to sit in the cart.
Like I was saying, she’s not a baby anymore. 
Because I always look on the bright side, I know I should be thankful my daughter is two. & trust me, I am. I am seriously so super blessed to have a healthy and happy little girl.
But for reals… TWO?!
: : :
more to come // we are celebrating emmy’s 2nd birthday this saturday… chicka chicka boom boom style
even more to come // how i am doing two years after postpartum depression

: : :



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3 Replies to “Two.”

  1. Hilarious. Counting backwards from 6 is impressive! Ethan will be 2 in January, and the things he's saying lately kill me. Asking so many full questions, so inquisitive, remembers things I can't BELIEVE he remembers, and like your babe (yes, because she'll always be your babe), saying his ABCs and counting (but not backwards…wink). They grow so quickly! I feel like I was just reading over your belly updates last month. Not so much. 🙂 Happy 2 years!

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