Stop! Being! Lame!

Lately I’ve been asking myself, “Has being a mom made me lame?”
Reason being
The hubs and I acquired (free) tickets to our alma mater‘s home game a couple of weeks ahead of time, but we waited until the day before to call anyone to see what their plans were. {we’re last-minute like that} This whole time we had been planning on taking Emmy with us, although we never really discussed the logistics of bringing a toddler to a college football game. Until the morning of. When it was raining. Then reality set in & I began premeditating the scenario in my head:
Do we bring the stroller? Or wagon? Or neither?
She’ll probably be okay with holding our hands for all of two minutes. So that means, she’s either on Daddy’s shoulders or Mommy’s hip.
I thought… it will be fun to *show*her*off* to people, but then I rethought that one through… they’ll all be shwasted any way…
Then, I continued in my daydreaming mental state… Is she really going to sit and watch the game? 
Oh, but wait. I forgot that it was raining that morning. That posed a whole other list of logistics:
How would Emmy feel with a soggy, rain water-filled diaper?
The thought of handling a wet diaper bag, and a wet baby… no, scratch thata Wet And Very Wiggly Toddler… made me question going to the game altogether! 
I looked at Blake and said, “Well, if you want to go, I’ll go.” To which B responded, “Well, I was only going because I thought you wanted to go.” To which I asked, “Well then why are we even going?”
All of these scenes played out in my mind made me extra sleepy; and wasted a lot of time, let me tell ‘ya! Instead of putting a plan into action, B and I ended up taking a nap with the babe. 
How lame are we!? I even said to my husband… “Is this what we’ve become? Why are we so lame?” Then I satisfyingly drifted off into dreamland…. sleeping through the first-half of the game.
When we woke up, we realized just how pathetic we were being; threw ourselves together, and within ten minutes we were out the door. Baby in tote. No stroller.
We walked in just after the third quarter, and while we didn’t get to tailgate with our friends, or show off our pride ‘n joy, we did have a fun time as a family of three. & Emmy was a happy camper the whole time.
{even though she looks so serious in this pic}
I learned a great lesson here, people: 
Plan ahead 
& make things happen! 
You cannot recover the occasion after it’s missed, nor the time after it’s gone.  
Never again will I let life pass me by like that!!
If you’re a mommy, do you ever feel like motherhood has turned you into a lame-o?
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5 Replies to “Stop! Being! Lame!”

  1. We feel this way all.the.time. From our 80 year old bedtimes, to choosing not to do certain things because bringing a toddler is a hassle, we've totally been there.

    It's getting better as Grace gets older, but the "terrible twos" are making things interesting again… 😉

  2. Glad you got to the game! We're parents of a 10 month old girl and are majorly lame because we go to bed super early and value naps even more now. Our saturday highlight is nap time. Also realized this last weekend was the first time I painted my toenails all summer….actually since baby was born in November…gasp!

  3. Oh dear. I'm not even a mom and I'm suuuupppper lame! Good for you guys getting out there and having fun. Love that quote. I definitely need to keep it in mind!

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