Show & Tell: Stranded Island

1. Tell us, if you could only take 5 people with you to a deserted island, who would it be, and why?
 Now, what kind of deserted island are we talking about? Like a Bora Bora/Tahiti/Maldives type of island…? Because if we are, then I’m totally down for being stranded. When does the S.S. Minnow leave?! I’d for sure bring my husband. For one, he’s my husband; and two, he’s basically a doctor, so he’d bring the Band-Aids and hydrogen peroxide. IF I decided to bring Emmalyn with me, I’d also have to bring my parents… you know, to babysit. With views like Tahiti, you better believe we’ll need a babysitter 😉

On the other hand, if we’re talking about a deserted island, Hunger Games style (except without The Capital controlling everything), then I’d still bring my hubby, but would definitely also bring professional survivalist, Steven Rinella from The Travel Channel, because, well you know… the guy’s made a career out of surviving. Bear Grylls, from Man vs. Wild would be an exceptional addition to my Stranded Island Crew, too–just in case Mr. Rinella needed some assistance. That leaves us with two more recruits… Hmm, I think I’d bring Zooey Deschanel for comedic relief & random interpretive dance moves. I swear we were twins in another life. Lastly, I’d probably bring my mom so I could be babied–HA! There are times when I ‘just want my mommy’ and I feel like being on a deserted island would be another one of those times.

You’re probably thinking, “You wouldn’t bring your own daughter?” Hells to the no. If I can’t get her to eat avocados, how the heck do you think I’m going to get her to eat bugs and trees?! Plus, she’s not potty-trained. Enough visual.
2. Show us which island you’d like to be deserted at. 
3. Tell us, if you could only bring 3 items with you, what would those items be. And why?
Feminine products. Why? Well, imagine not having them. Again, enough visual. I would bring a journal and pen. (Wait, does that count as one or two items?) I think I would go insane if I couldn’t jot down my random thoughts/feelings. Plus, it would make for really good memories. For my third item, I’d bring sun cream. I’m huge when it comes to protecting my skin!
4. Show us 3 pictures that you would take with you.
This is my favorite picture from our wedding:
A newborn photo of Emmalyn:
To make me laugh:
5. Tell us what you envision life would be like on that island. Do you think you would go into survival mode? Would you be like those Survivor people and eat bugs? What qualities do you possess that would help you survive. Do share.

I would not survive… I’m super optimistic, huh? I don’t even weigh enough to donate blood, so how could I live off of bugs and leaves?! Damn. So much for enjoying a deserted island…
So what about you?
Do tell!
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