Life Lately… in Bullet Points… With Pictures

* Tomorrow is my little kiddies’ dance recital! I’m super excited for them. They’re the cutest bunch of three & four year-olds ever and I can’t wait to see them on The Big Stage in their sparkly pink Tu-tu’s.

* Speaking of Tu-tu’s, Emmy is obsessed with {my childhood book} All Tu-Tu’s Should Be Pink. We pretty much have to read it every night, or else I hear an incessant “tu-tu, tu-tu, tu-tu!!”

* Oh did I mention I have to dance tomorrow? Yep. For the teacher number. It’ll be my first time reeaally dancing since sophomore year of college…. more than six years ago! eeep!!

* My hubby’s boards are next T h u r s d a y ! ! I can’t believe he only has one more year of med school before our send address will read, “Dr. and Mrs.” weird.

* Little Miss Em has gotten herself a little attitude here lately. Where ever did she get it, baffles me? 

{okay, okay... she’s a mini-me…} 

* When you ask Emmy “Who do you love?” 95% of the time she’ll say “Mommy,” but I love it even more when she says, “My Daddy” <3

 {smitten over this pic, with our nephew peeking out}

 * Got out of my car to snap this… Who ever did this is flippin’ awesome in my book.

 * Apple.Cinnamon.Spice Belgium Waffles. (sub 1 cup water for applesauce + 1/8 ground cinnamon + 1/8 ground nutmeg) The.Best.Ever.

 * My motto… & art work

* I may or may not be slightly obsessed with anchors here lately… Navy wife, much? {again, my art work}

 * Found a new favorite drink: “Margorilla”… Frozen Margarita + Orange Sherbert = Amazingness

 * Got to cuddle with this most precious little love, Pippa. She made my uterus jump for joy.

* Had a colonoscopy on Wednesday. {TMI?} That was fun. No, really. BEST. SLEEP. EVER!!! Not gonna lie, it was kind of a mother’s dream. The ‘best sleep’ part–not the scope up my a…

any way…

* B and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary in less than two weeks! & by celebrating, I mean watching him study for The Boards.

* Waking up by or before 6am every day, has changed my life. For reals.

* Indy turned 3 last Friday, but was on my naughty list since he nipped at Emmy. Granted, she stuck her hand in his face when he was eating… but still! From now on the dog’s food bowl goes away while Emmy is awake. {Learned my lesson}

* Emmy is doing so!much!better! in the Kids’ Zone at the gym. I haven’t been called out of Pilates in a while 😉

* I found an old journal from when I was ten years-old, where I had made a list of future baby girl and boy names {puhleease, you know you did it, too} & guess what name was on both lists… Blake! Coincidence? I think not!

* We’ve lived in our (rental) house for over a year now, and I still haven’t hung up all the picture frames.

* I gave myself a hair trim cut… saved $40. bazzzinga!

* I’ve already picked (and started planning) the theme for Emmy’s 2nd birthday. Hint: It’s one of her favorite books. Hint Hint: It’s on my Pinterest

* My life is complete now that So You Think You Can Dance is back on.


So what’s been going on in your life lately??!



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