Where Did My Baby Go?!

Words cannot justify how I feel about my kid. Totally cliche, I know. But it’s true. I love being her mommy. I love hearing her call for me when she wakes up in the morning. I miss her while she’s sleeping! & even though I hate it when she’s feeling miserable, I do love that she’s extra cuddly.

In just a few short days, my baby will officially be a toddler. Just the thought of that word, puts a pit in my stomach. It sounds so silly {and again, cliche} to be dreading my daughter growing up, but I can’t shake it.

Pathetic maybe, but lately I’ve been mourning over the loss of her babyhood. Girlfriend’s growing up, y’all.

While I’m smitten over her toddler abilities, I’m going to miss the days where Emmy would let me hold and rock her chubby little baby body.

Okay, let’s be real…. I miss being able to sit her on the floor and be 100% confident she won’t go anywhere because, well, she can’t. {Those days are loooonnng gone, my friend!}

But with this new toddler-life, comes many perks:

Like the fact that she can sing every.single.letter of her ABCs.

& can count to TEN, clear as day.

{The part where she then proceeds to launch herself off the couch onto the ottoman? Notsomuch.}

Her vast vocabulary amazes me. Life is easier in so many ways now that she can verbalize her needs and wants. Although, sometimes it backfires…. like when I ask her what she wants, and she throws a hissy-fit because she wants “more cheese? okay! thank you,” and I say no because she’s already had 234 slices!

But oh how I love listening to her little girly voice–especially when she sings. Which she pretty much does 80% of the day.

My favorite is listening to her sing the hymnal, Father We Thank Thee…

& it never gets old when she interrupts me singing the ABCs, to sing Edelweiss, from The Sound of Music. Yes. She knows all the words. Her daddy taught her.

{seriously, what almost 18-month-old knows the lyrics to Edelweiss?!}

Not only is she Little Miss Chatterbox, but she’s also polite. 90% of the time, she will voluntarily say “yes, please,” “thank you,” “more, please,” etc… Melts.My.Heart.

Her ability to retain information amazes + dumbfounds me. I can say something once, and she remembers it for life.

I die over listening to her talk on the phone. She’ll walk around the house with either my iPhone or her pretend phone and have a whole conversation. With her GG (my mom), Auntie, ‘Mick-Mouse’, Daddy….

She cracks me up! “Hi Auntie. Ummm… Lucas? Hello. Ummm… Yes. Love you. Bye-Bye. See ya!” Then she holds the phone up to my ear so I can chat with them, too.

Although I’m dreading the thought of saying the words, “I have a toddler,” out loud, I am looking forward to what toddler-hood has to offer… dance classes, potty-training {not the training part, but the no diapers part}, swimming, art projects, more trips to Disney, and hopefully (but I won’t hold my breath) hair growth! Ha! I can’t wait for the day I can put a precious little pony in her hair 😉

If anyone has figured out a way to slow down the speed of babies growing, please feel free to share!



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