Acts of Kindness.

Via video monitor, I laughed to myself as I spied on watched Emmalyn hang her stuffed Mickey Mouse over the crib, as if she were reenacting Michael Jackson holding his newborn son, Blanket, over a balcony. After tempting Mickey’s fate, she laid down with her mousey friend, Eskimo-kissing his soft black nose. Awww, I thought to myself. I secretly watched my little one continue this *ritual* three more times, before finally nestling down.

It’s funny watching Emmy on the video monitor. She has no idea I’m doing it. I’ve caught her numerous times, sitting up, holding her Baby (Glow Worm), patting her back and saying: “Aww, hi baby, hi.” It makes my heart smile, witnessing such a sweet gesture from a young toddler. For all she knows, she’s completely by herself in her crib. She’s not trying to get my attention, or show off for anyone. She’s hugging and rocking her Baby out of the kindness of her own heart. 

It got me thinking about the acts of kindness others do. Or don’t do.

“Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” {1 John 3:18}

It amazes me that people can stand idly by while a young mom (aka, me) is struggling to hold open a door for a stroller with a funky wheel, while simultaneously shushing a toddler fussing for Cheerios that a certain someone left in the car. Really, Katie? Really? Rookie mistake.

But I digress.

What kind of people don’t offer a lending hand? A hand that God gave them. To do good deeds. That means for others. It amazed me that a waiting room full of people didn’t flinch at the sight of a struggling Me. Four of which were already standing up. Two of which literally just walked in through the same door. Sheesh!

Do they not know that God is watching them on His own *video monitor*?  




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6 Replies to “Acts of Kindness.”

  1. I may not have a precious little human baby, but sometimes I wish I could watch what Teddy and Izzy do when they don't know I'm looking. Not so much for bad pottys or anything like that. I just know they must cuddle and play with each other just because they love each other, and I just die to see it! Maybe when we have a baby, I'll put the monitor in with them sometimes!

  2. Obviously Miss Emmalyn has a wonderful Mother who teaches her how kindness is appreciated and how if in the future she sees someone having the same experience you had, I know she would rush over to help and open that door for them.

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