1st Birthday Sneak Peak

i cannot begin to tell you how excited {& nervous!} i am about emmalyn’s first birthday.
i am having so much fun planning & crafting her big shindig on november 19.
i use to make whispered remarks about moms going “all-out” for their child’s first birthday–something he or she won’t ever remember. but now that i’m a mom…? i get it.
obviously, i realize it is more of a celebration for the parents; a way to announce–hey look! we made it! go us!
& i have been told by a number of mommies not to listen to what anyone else has to say about it… if i want to go all out, then that’s exactly what i’m going to do! she only turns one once!
as promised, here’s a little look into what i have in store for my one year-old to-be:
^indy was in the shot so i asked him to sit, and this is what i caught 😉
it’s going to be held in our backyard:

did i mention how excited i am?!?!!!
 eek!! i can’t contain myself 🙂 🙂

{p.s. sorry for the iphone pics}
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3 Replies to “1st Birthday Sneak Peak”

  1. from the teaser pics it looks like it's going to be beautiful! I LOVE your yard!
    Can't wait to see the recap pics!
    And yes, I say if you feel like it and want to, go all out!

  2. I felt the same way…and then we ended up going pretty all out for G's 1st. But like you said- it's as much of a celebration for you as it is for her. You've almost made it a year! Congrats! 🙂

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