10 Months

10 Months Old!
Emmalyn Grace,

You are 10 months old! That’s two months shy of your very first birthday. Sheesh! So soon! I know I said last month was a big month of “firsts” but lady, this month blew last month out of the park! 
{I have a feeling I’m going to be saying that for a while to come…}

This past month, you worked your cute little baby tush off at swim lessons. Your pediatrician encouraged me to sign you up at six months, but mommy was just not quite ready! But by 9 months & another nudge from the doc we signed you up. Mommy and Daddy were super amazed by your “swimming abilities.” You never screamed through your lessons {unlike ehem yours truly as a baby} but you did let out a whiny-cry to let us know you weren’t too happy 😉 But by the end of your lessons, you were flipping over from your tummy to your back. A HUGE thanks to your fabulous teacher, Brym!! 

FINALLY, you said “mama”!! The first time you said it, you were crying in the car, but it was music to my ears! Some other words you started saying recently are “bye-bye,” “hi,” “thank you,” & “wow.” You’re waving “hi” & “bye,” and can clap your hands. There’s just something so stinkin’ cute about a baby clapping its hands, am I right?! You can sign “more” without being prompted now, as well as the sign for “milk.” It amazes me how you can do this, and how much of a difference it makes communicating with you. & Just the other day, mommy taught you to find your nose. You’re such a little smarty-pants. 
Ooooh! I can’t forget that you’re standing now, too. I’ve yet to be able to capture it on camera, though.
Speaking of cameras, Mommy’s been slacking in the photo-department, but I blame it on the fact that we’ve just been having too much fun to stop and take pictures!

A couple of weeks ago, mommy & daddy took you to The Science Center along with Auntie Re, Uncle Will, & Lucas. We weren’t entirely sure how you were going to react, but you loved it! You played with whatever you could get your hands on, missy! & we were so proud when you sat through a 40-minute movie about animals in the Cinedome. Never mind that you leaked through your diaper and daddy had to change you in the corner at the top of the stairs 😉 It didn’t phase you a bit. You stared at the screen in wonder and amazement. 

I’d say one of the greatest things about you is that you have the best personality! No matter where we go, or what we’re doing, someone will always comment on how well-behaved & happy you are. Your smile is contagious, for sure, and you’re such a joy to be around. I wouldn’t trade any second of my time with you for anything else in the world!!

I love you so much EmmyCakes!!

Forever Your Mommy…

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