Video: And She’s Off!!!

{captured yesterday}

My life has dramatically changed in the last twenty-four hours. I can no longer step out of the room for 2.5 seconds to grab something.  

Because if I do?

She’s already headed out the door and down the street!

As I’m typing this, Emmalyn’s already managed to get from one side of the room where her toys are, to where mommy’s picture frames are lying, waiting to be filled with photos of her sweet face.
How did this happen?!?
Oh boy, I’m in trouble now…
This weekend the hubs ‘n I are getting away for a couple of nights to celebrate our 

seriously... how did this happen?!
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7 Months!

Emmalyn Grace

You are 7 months old!
{June 17, 2011} 

7-Month Baby Stats
You’re still a sleeping champ, kiddo! Averaging in at 11 to 12 hours per night, there’s no complaining here. Just lots of thanks to The Big Man Upstairs.

Daily Routine
Here’s the low-down:
Lately you’ve been waking up closer to 8am. You play for an hour on the dot, then go down for a nap that has actually been getting shorter; about 45 minutes [boo!]. After your first nap, mommy feeds you solids (usually oatmeal with a fruit). Then it’s whatever we want to do–play, errands, be outside…
Later in the afternoon you chow down on some more solids. By then, it’s usually bath time {which you STILL love!} followed by a bottle, book, songs, & prayers.

I’m so glad you are such an easy-going/laid back baby. There are times when we are out past your bedtime and you just  go  w i t h  t  h  e    f   l   o   w
{thank you!}

This month, you were introduced to carrots, bananas, oatmeal, turkey, yogurt melts, & spinach.
The yogurt melts did not go over too well. I don’t think they melted fast enough..?
Initially, turkey was not a hit, but last night, you gobbled them up pun intended mixed with sweet potatoes.

At birth: 6lbs 14oz
Current: 15 + ?

At birth: 20 inches
Current: No idea… at least 25.5 inches

Diaper Size


Clothes Size
Anywhere from 3 to 9 months.

Hair Color
At birth: bald
Currently: light brown

Eye Color
At birth: dark blue
Current: 100% Brown-Eyed Beauty

Mommy’s favorite moments

I love how observant you are. You study & take in e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g around you. I love watching you explore–touching new textures, searching for new sounds, & pushing your limits.


I was spying on you on the video monitor & witnessed you try to pull yourself up. Sorry, sweetie, but the breathable bumper is not going to hold your cute, chubby legs 😉

You’ve started crawling! It’s uneasy and inconsistent, but you’re determined! You look like the hungry caterpillar creeping through a cupcake and slice of pie.

{i promise i’ll upload a video asap!}

Your favorite toy

Anything and everything you can get your hands on. You reach for everything in your sight. Gone are the days of leaving things around the house. & if mommy would let you have my iPhone, that would be your toy of choice.


First time you sucked on some paper & gagged on it. {like i said… no leaving things around the house anymore!}

Carrots, Bananas, Oatmeal, Turkey, Spinach
First trip to the BEACH!!!

 {this face reveals your reaction to the first touch of sand. priceless. doesn’t every mom need one like this for the books?!}

{you ended up patching up your relationship with the sand, but weren’t too keen on the waves. You much preferred to sit in a puddle of water and sand under the umbrella}


Memorial Day 
{thanks troops! especially daddy!}

Met cousins Elena & David, & their three children, Kenna, Evynn, & Jesse, from Texas.

 {i die for this pic. i love how evynn is holding emmy’s head & kenna is kissing her arm}
You are now holding your bottle yourself 
{my life just got a whole lot easier!}
First cold 🙁
But you are feeling much better now!


happy 7 months baby girl!

i love you, emmycakes!

forever your mommy!

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Moving to Austrailia

& it’s only 12pm.
On Tuesday, I decided to be Miss Frugalista and take Indy to a grooming school near our home. I should have seen the red flags when the girl couldn’t do basic math. But silly me, I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt and thought, Well I’m sure she’ll take good care of my puppy because she’s fresh and eager to do well, right?
Wrong. She nipped my poor baby!! They “glued” the cut together & the girl was crying–she felt so bad. 
Flash forward to this morning, & what do ya know? It’s infected.
{insert angry katie face here}
So now I’m trying to figure out what to do because:
1. We don’t have a vet yet since we moved.
2. Blake worked his first 27-hour shift at the hospital, with only two hours of sleep &
3. Emmy is screaming to be fed.
I really didn’t want B to take Indy to get checked out because he had been working so many hours and I just wanted him to sleep. But, he suggested he go because he’s better at being stern and laying down the law! 
{my words, not his}
So off he went with Indy….
Meanwhile, I switched over the laundry {because i didn’t want to leave it in there wet for a week like i did last time… yea, ew…} Emmy was quite content in  her high chair so I didn’t disrupt her. When I went to unbuckle her, guess what little fragrant surprise I found?
blow-out all over the high chair !!!
Instead of getting all frustrated, I’m taking a step back, breathing, venting to you, moving to Austrailia, & will return to the poop momentarily. 
I think I’ve had my share of eventfulness today, what do ya think?
OH!! & guess who’s 7 MONTHS today?!?!????
^^ if you said her, you’re right 😉 ^^
Come back later today–or tomorrow, or in five years when I post her 7-month stats!
Anyone wanna move to Australia with me??
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Star of Mommy’s Blog

sorry folks, those cheeks are no longer available.
i ate one for lunch & the other for dinner

a BIG THANK YOU to each and e.v.e.r.y. one of you who called, texted, facebook’d, & blogged such sweet words about my mom. i’m sorry if i have not thanked you personally for your encouragement, understanding, & prayers, but it means the world to me. always.
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Our Neck of the Woods

Being away from blogging, makes me itch with anxiousness. It’s not like I have an addiction or anything, but if I’m away too long I get stressed that I won’t get caught up with everything that’s going on in Blogland.

But truth be told, there have just been more important things going on around these neck of the woods lately. For one, I’m still trying to put together our new home. Little by little, it’s coming together. It frustrates me that it’s not complete, but I have to remember to be patient.

B started his third year of med school, which entails working 12+ hours at the hospital 5-6 days a week! Can I get an omigawd! I’m actually handling it a lot better than I thought I would. And I thank therapy for that. If it weren’t for everything I’ve learned in the lasts several months, I’m not sure I’d be able to handle this life change so gracefully and calmly.

& of course, the single-most important event currently going on in my life, is that my mama started chemotherapy for breast cancer yesterday. It makes end tables, lamps, and hanging picture frames seem so petty and unimportant. Because the truth of the matter is, nothing else is more important right now. At nearly 8 o’clock Monday night, Emmy & I hopped in the car to surprise my mom with Godiva dark chocolate truffles, a musical card, and a breast cancer awareness bead for her Pandora bracelet.

With everything that’s been going on, there’s so much going through my mind. So much I want to write, document, & share. But for now, there’s a precious angel baby waking up from her nap. & I know that when I open her door, she’ll be greeting me with her gorgeous gummy smile. & I’ll have to scoop down and pick up my heart that just melted all over the carpeted floor.

Nothing else matters.

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