E is for Emmy & Easter!

Like a lot of people around here, we celebrated Emmalyn’s 1st Easter!
On Easter eve, the whole family gathered at my in-laws for a yummy lasagna dinner!
And of course, we just had to get pictures of the cuzzies. It’s so cute how my nephew, Lucas, treats Emmy. We don’t even have to tell him to be gentle anymore. He just knows. He’s sweet like that. It’s getting more & more fun watching the two of them together, especially since Emmy is really exploring & reaching for things nowadays.
What would Easter be without some colorful yummies?!
The sweet peep treats were made by moi
For the past few years that I’ve celebrated Easter with my (now) in-laws, they’ve put on a ridiculously fun Easter Egg Hunt for the “big” kids. Every year, the rules change a bit, but it always involves flash lights & cheating & laughter. Normally, each couple is given a basket & flash light and the competition is ON! This year, we were only allowed to use whatever we could find in the back porch (we snagged a cooler) AND we had to take a running start from the FRONT yard.
My in-laws do such a great job hiding the eggs, that sometimes we find some from LAST Easter! & when the fight competition is over, we all come in and open our eggs to find… $$$! yep! Can we say date night??
You’d think that hunting for money eggs in the dark would be fun enough, but nope! not this year! After the babes went down to sleep, the competition was on again. My FIL created a new game. Not sure what he called it, but it was basically night golf, where the six of us had to compete to get our wiffle ball closest to the hole, surrounded by tiki torches. I was up first & got closer than I thought I would, but it was my SIL, Ann Marie, who took the win with a hole-in-one! saywhat?! 
I’m kicking myself in the tush for not taking any pictures of this. I have a love-hate relationship with my camera. I want to capture e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. but then I feel like I miss out on living in the moment. But if I live in the moment, then I don’t have the picture to capture it. Anyone else share this dilemma?
I digress.
It was such a fun night! I was so tired by the end of the day, but a good kind of tired. You know the kind where you had a jam!packed!GO!GO!GO! kinda day, but totally worth it because you sleep like a rock? yea, that kind.the best!
On to Easter morning….
It was Emmalyn’s first time going to Mass since her Baptism–which she basically slept through–so I was interested nervous to see how she was going to behave.
She was such a good little girl! She spent the beginning in her car seat, watching & smiling at the old folks in the pew behind us. 
(Aren’t old people & babies the cutest?! especially together!?)
After getting a little fidgety, she spent the rest of the time on mommy & daddy’s laps.
Lucas entertained her, too. Or did Emmy entertain him? Not sure… but either way it was adorable because Lucas would gently touch her head & cheek, occasionally sneaking in a kiss & playing with her toys.
After mass, it was family-picture-taking time! I’m so fortunate to have married into such a warm & loving family who have such strong values and family traditions. I love it!
The gang’s all here!
Emmy’s really into touching people’s faces:
B’s parents… Emmy’s “Papo” & “Mimo” 🙂
I hope everyone had a very blessed & colorful weekend. I’d say we’re excited to whip out our seersucker shorts, sundresses, tanks, & flip flops, but heck! we’ve been sporting this look for months now in sunny ninetyohmygawditshotdegrees Florida weather for months now! don’t hate.
What are your favorite traditions? Did you grow up with some, or are you starting new ones with your own little family? Do tell! Or leave me a little linky if you blogged about it!
P.S. some bunny loves you….
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5 Months!

Emmalyn Grace

You are 5 months old!
{April 17, 2011} 

5-Month Baby Stats

You are still sleeping through the night. I am so lucky. This past month you’ve been *telling* us you want to go to bed earlier. You start showing signs of sleepiness around 7-7:30. I get your bath ready, then it’s bottle, books, & bed. Sometimes you whine-cry for a few minutes, 
but you always end up drifting off to d r e a m l a n d.

Daily Routine
It’s sometimes unpredictable when you’ll wake up. Anywhere from 7 to 9am! The other day you slept in until 9:45!!! 99% of the time you wake up in a good mood, just chatting away. And when I come in to say good morning, you greet me with a 
huge gummy smile. 
You get your first bottle (still 5oz), then are up for about 45 minutes, then go back down for a nap, anywhere between 45 minutes-1.5hrs. 
When it’s time for your second bottle, you also get mama’s homemade rice cereal!
After that, the day is whatever we want it to be. We usually head out of the house around this time though, since you had a nap & a fully belly…. you’re a happy baby!
Typically, you cat nap in the car, & normally take an afternoon nap.
Around 5ish, you get some more rice cereal–mmm yum, riiiight??
By 8:30, you’re out!

Then we do it all again the next day!

We started solids on the 14th! Mama made you some homemade rice cereal.
I cooked brown rice on the stove, then mixed it with some water in the Magic Bullet.
I let it cool, then refrigerated it. The next day, I scooped out a small amount, warmed it up, mixed it with a little formula, & we were good to go.
Little Miss, you didn’t really know what to think?
You were smiling and spitting and gagging and allthatjazz!

{It’s been a few days, and you’re still trying to get the hang of it.} 

At birth: 6lbs 14oz
Current: 14ish lbs

At birth: 20 inches
Current: no idea! over 24” though.

Diaper Size
1-2 Costco brand/1 Huggies

Clothes Size
Oh who knows anymore!?! Anywhere from 3-9 months. You are wearing 6-9 months jammies for length, and 3-6 onesies/shorts.

You’re getting so big though! Look at you & Aidan now!

Hair Color
At birth: bald
Currently: brown–I swear she’s starting to grow more hair 😉

Eye Color
At birth: dark blue
1 month: slate grayish/blue
2 months: dark brownish/green
3 months: brown with hints of green… debatable 
4 months: looking like they’re going to be brown like your mama, although there’s still a shimmer of green
5 months: Brown!

Mommy’s favorite moments
I am loving watching you watch the world. It’s so fun to see you do new things almost every day. You just started reaching for me & it melts.my.heart. I love that you’re so well-behaved when we go out in public.

Indy’s really taken a liking to you in the last several days. He loves greeting you at the door, licking whatever he can find! And the proof is in the pic! Here’s your face right after he got you smack in the face! 😉


You can do a pretty good yoga cobra–you’re getting closer to getting on all fours.
You are more interested in things around you, and when you grab them, you actually hang on to them now.
You are rolling e v e r y w h e r e ! ! You can roll all the way across the room, and scoot yourself around.
You’re making new noises with your mouth, some that even sound like you’re saying *hi*
You can tripod-sit, but if you see something to your left or right…. tiiiimmberrr

Your favorite toy
you absolutely love your jump ‘n jive! You go to town on that thing! You love the musical mat that you can activate with your jumps. You squeal with excitement every time we put you in it. 


First time meeting your great-grandma “Georgie” (mommy’s gma)

First time meeting lots of great aunts, uncles & cousins
First full night without a swaddler
consistently rolling over both ways with ease
First time in your jump ‘n jive
First car travel trip (2 hours away) with JUST mommy & Indy
First big thunderstorm where the power went out (you slept right through it!)
New house!
Trip to the aquarium. You loved looking at everything!

Story time at B&N
You loved it! You sat quietly and watched the storyteller and the other kids very intently.

 {iPhone pic}

First drink of water
First solid food!
First time on a swing

{i promise she wasn’t squished!}

I’m having so much fun!
I love you so much, baby girl!!

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Saturday Morning Scene: We’re Moving!!

i’m linking up with Katie @ Loves of Life for my first
Saturday Morning Scene:

it’s packing day around here this morning

{and all day}
we are moving on up!
to another home 2 hours north
& only 20 minutes from both sets of emmy’s gparents!
we’re super excited about our new place!
I’ll be posting projects along the way.
can’t wait!
anyone spy indy?

Saturday Morning Scene
wanna play along?


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Ice, Ice, Baby

ever have one of those days where you think how nice it is to bum around because you have nothing planned, but then realize you totally have an important appointment?? like, now?

Hi. yea. that was me yesterday.
emmy and i were sharing some quality tummy time, when i suddenly realized i had a doctor’s appointment at 10:15. 
it was 9:30. it takes a good 30 minutes to get there. emmy was still in her jammies. me too.
i swiftly changed emmy, strapped her in her car seat, threw on nike shorts & a sports tank, grabbed a hat, threw a bottle in the diaper bag, & flew out the door, sans makeup. oh! i grabbed an apple, too.
well, folks, we made it there basically on time. & of course we had to wait. &wait. &wait…
i kept emmalyn in her car seat & then IT happened. one of the things mommas d r e a d.
the poop.
yep, i knew it happened by the infamous look on her face, but i also knew that there are no changing tables in the bathrooms! WTH? a zillion & one things went through my head: should I go all the way back out to my car {which is in BFE by.the.way}?should i ask to use one of their rooms? OR should i just strip her down to her skivvies & let everyone smell the *sweet* smell of formula-poo?
[if you’re thinking why didn’t you just change her in the exam room? well it’s not that kinda doc. it’s my ppd meds doc.]
i made a pack with myself… if the doctor doesn’t call me in within 2 minutes, i’ll change her diaper. if not, emmy will just have to take one for the team.  
well, emmy took one for the team… {bad mommy}
on the plus side, we were only in there for 7-8 minutes. don’t you love that? wait 5 hours to see the doc, then only actually see her for five seconds??
i digress.
so after the appointment, i redeemed my good-mommy points by changing emmy in the back of my SUV. phew… moving on…
em & i decided to take a little detour to see our new casa since it’s on the way back. 
well imagine my reaction when i went to open the freezer & couldn’t open it
i pulled. & i pulled. & i pulled that sucker until BAM! it flew open & i saw the biggest icicle florida has ever seen. this was some vermont vanilla ice, yo.
this huge cylinder block of ice was frozen solid {duh} to the freezer door.  
silly little me didn’t know what to do really, so i just started trying to pry it off. a few chunks came off from the top & bottom, but this baby wasn’t budging. {don’t forget that we haven’t actually moved in yet, so i have nothing to help me except paper towels & a garbage bag.} i soaked a paper towel in hot water & tried to melt the ice. i realized that was going to take for.ev.er.  
nix that! 
emmy was starting to get fussy impatient so i decided to call it a day & figure out what to do later. i went to shut the door & what do you know? it!won’t!shut! 
yea…. i couldn’t just leave it open over night? it would melt & i’d have a big mess right?
what to do? what to do?  i did the only thing probable… i began pulling the ice off with all.my.might. totally ingenious right? [sarcasm, if you don’t already know my by now…]
BUT! lucky for me i have some major guns from pumping so much iron 😉 
i gave it all i had and…..
{and this was after i had pulled chunks off of it!}

what would you have done?
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a year ago to the day,
i received some {ehem, shall i say} surprising news.
i went in to the doctor on a friday afternoon,
thinking i had a uti,
and walked out
i always imagined how happy & excited i would be when i’d find out i was pregnant one day.
but when the nervous nurse told me this shocking news,
i felt terrified instead of ecstatic.
suddenly my dreams of becoming a mom felt foreign.
since april 9th 2010,
my life has been a *whirlwind*

this past year has been the most memorable year of my life, to date.
i have changed, & grown, & all for the better.
i love who i am now so much more than a year ago.

i became a mother.

& you, emmalyn grace, made me a mommy.

{i love you}

so… happy oneyearfindingoutimpregnantanniversary, to me 😉



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…our new home!
{sorry it’s a crummy pic, but i took it with my phone as we were driving by before we officially crossed our T’s}
i am so happy blake & i found a place to live. it’s about 20 minutes away from our parents & 11 minutes away from the hospital blake will be interning at.
it’s a cute & quaint starter(rental)home with an amazing back yard. & there’s plenty of work to be done!
oh, the house is nicely kept & recently remodeled, but umm… there’s only one little problem.
we don’t have any furniture.
emmy does. but we don’t.
see, the first house we moved into when blake started med school was furnished. convenient for us since we were straight outta college & would only be living there for two years.
but now?
now, we’d kinda like a comfy place to lay our pretty little heads.
& that’s where the stress fun comes in.
i’ve been hanging out at all the local thrifts & consignment shops lately with my girl. she’s a terrific little shopper & we’ve been having lotsa fun perusing for great finds.
i’ll be updating y’all on our nesting journey.
hopefully i’ll make it to home depot to pick out paint colors
ooooh i can’t wait!!
do you have any favorite thrifty finds? do you love {or not so love} decorating your home? what’s your style? do you have any favorite go-to decorating sites? do share!
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