This Too Shall Pass

First of all, thank you for your generous support through this trying time. I was going to share my story, but after discussing it with my husband and doctor we’ve decided to keep it private. However, if you or someone you know is going through Postpartum Depression, PLEASE send them my e-mail: loyallovinglearning[at]ymail[dot]com
I’d love to help a sista out if need-be!
I am well on my way to feeling like myself again. Being with my family, and especially my precious little daughter has helped immensely. 
Motherhood is much harder than I ever expected, but it sure is rewarding.
Just look at this face:

[again, sorry for the iphone picture quality]

God Bless!
This Too Shall Pass

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5 Replies to “This Too Shall Pass”

  1. Maybe there will come a time that you will be able to share – but I agree with hubby and the doctor, all of this is part of healing and keeping it to yourself might be exactly what you need.
    Lots of love 🙂 xo
    (And Emmy is so gorgeous… I can't get over it!)

  2. Glad you're feeling better honey! It is definitely not easy being a new mommy, especially on very little sleep. You're smart for getting the help you need. Much love!

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