Today’s my birthday, yo!
I’m the big 2-4!
{My lucky number!}
We’re in town visiting our parents for the holidays and so my mom asked me what I wanted for dinner. I told her my favorite childhood meal: spaghetti with meat sauce with a side of raw cucumbers and raw green peppers with peanut butter.
Weird? Perhaps.
But that’s what the birthday girl wants! HA!
Okay, in serious news. I have something to share and I debated posting about it. But here goes. I have postpartum depression. I’m not ready to share my story, as I’ve yet to sit down and write it any way, but I wanted to let you know. This past week was the hardest and scariest time of my entire life. I have immediately gotten help from my doctors and am on medication. I am doing much better. There’s still a long road ahead, but I am strong and will get through it. My husband and daughter are my rocks.
At first I was ashamed, but now I just want to bring awareness to other moms. Postpartum depression is serious and it needs to be taken care of immediately. I’m thankful I am getting the help I need.
Please keep my family and me in your prayers. This is something that will take some time to heal. I will share my story soon–I feel it’s extremely important.
Until them, we’re super busy showing off our adorable little love, decorating for Christmas, and visiting with friends and family. 
Life is good.
[sorry for the iPhone picture quality]
I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

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15 Replies to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Katie!! I'm so sorry you're having such a tough time right now, and I really hope things start looking up for you soon. I'll be thinking of you and your family! We're all here for you whenever you're ready to share your story. ***HUGS***

  2. 1.) Happy Birthday!!
    2.) I'm sorry that you're struggling with PPD. If you read my blogs I'm sure you've noticed that being a new mom was/is no walk in the park for me. Hang in there. I'm going to FB message you my number and if you want to chat, I'm here.
    3.) I never commented but I thought it was cute how my mom taught you how to park next to the cart return (if I'm the Vanessa you were talking to 🙂 My mom is a planner, but she learned that from me 🙂

    Feel better!

  3. First of all, Happy Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a blast with your family and that you enjoy your yummy meal 🙂

    Girly, I'm so sorry you're struggling with PPD! I really didn't realize how crazy, dangerous, or even how REAL it truly can be. I have questioned myself if I was going through it since for a few days I was crying unstoppably! I wasn't sad, I just was exhausted and crying was the only thing that was making me feel better. Let's face it…our hormones are all out of whack! I hope you will be able to get over this stepping stone soon. I'm looking forward to reading about your fight 🙂 Praying for you, and I'm here if you need to talk about it 🙂 Seriously!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday!! First off, what PRECIOUS picture of you two girls!! Hope you have a fantastic time with family this week 🙂

    Secondly, don't feel ashamed– feel BRAVE and COURAGEOUS for coming out and talking! Think of all who you could help by just telling them that it gets better. Thinking of you!! 😀

  5. Happy Birthday Girl! Yay, for birthday dinner requests (minus the peanut butter… JK)!

    I totally agree that you should not feel ashamed about PPD and that is important and very helpful to share your story with other moms. Having a baby really takes a toll on us physically and emotionally! I'm here for always! <3

  6. aww sorry I'm so sorry I'm late wishing you a happy birthday! 🙁


    In regards to what you and your family are facing – I believe there is a reason for everything, and I don't think God would have you go through this if He wasn't sure you could overcome it.
    I know you are an amazing, strong woman. Sending many prayers and happy thoughts your way!!! xoxo

  7. Happy Birthday Katie!! I hope you had a great day and the big 2-4 is a great year for you. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers. I am so proud of you for getting help so quickly and for knowing that this is a temporary situation. You are so brave for sharing your story and I am so thankful that you have. Take care of yourself sweetheart. Lots of love and hugs! xoxo

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