Doggy Dog Dilemma

I wish we all lived in a “doggy dog world.” 
{Modern Family, anyone??}

I don’t have too many fears about the baby coming. I have been around babies my whole life, and while I’m no expert by ANY means, I feel very comfortable and confident around babies. 

BUT… my one fear is my furbaby, Indy. If you don’t already know, Indy is a 5.2-pound toy poodle. He turned one in June and we’ve had him since he was two months old. 

To say that he’s a spoiled little mama’s boy is an understatement. I’ve always wanted a “lap dog” and that’s e.x.a.c.t.l.y. what I got. He follows me around, lays on my lap, takes naps with me, and is all around a very good dog for Blake and me. I love it! With that being said, he’s not really a people-person. He loves my parents, and just recently he’s warmed up to my in-laws, and our next-door neighbor, but otherwise, he barks at everyone else. I tried introducing him to people when he was younger–he just never really adjusted (mom fail?). Even when I went to the breeder to pick out a dog, Indy didn’t want to play or come to me. That quickly changed as soon as we got home. He’s been glued to my hip ever since, especially since I’m home all day long nowadays. 

Don’t even get me started when the doorbell rings. I don’t mind two or three warning barks, but I have a hard time getting him to stop. It’s really hit or miss whether he listens to me (and Blake) or not. I looked up videos on YouTube and a lot of them say to reward your dog with a treat so they relate the doorbell with something good. So I tried that. But, Indy wants nothing to do with the treat. He’s way too distracted to be interested in some lame-o treat.

Also, if I’m sitting on the couch and someone abruptly comes over to me (whether to give me a hug or hand me something) he jumps in between us and will occasionally snap. He doesn’t actually bite the person, but comes pretty close. I know he’s just being protective of me, but it makes me nervous for the other person!!!

{face of a killer!}

The biggest concern of mine though, is he doesn’t like kids!! YIKES! The two times we’ve taken him to my sister-in-law’s, he does not like our nephew, Lucas, who’s two years-old. He sniffs at him, but as soon as Lucas runs or reaches for a toy, Indy barks, growls, or snaps at him. That scares me. One time my mom and I brought Indy over to a friend of the family’s house and they have a three year-old. If Indy was on the floor he just ran around the kitchen and didn’t bother Adam. But then, my mom was holding Indy and Adam came up to show my mom something and Indy snapped at him. UGH! 

What’s going to happen when our baby is born?!

The hospital and friends have told us to have Blake bring home the baby’s hat and put it in Indy’s crate before we come home from the hospital. Then, when we do come home, I go in first by myself, greet Indy, then Blake comes in with the baby and we let him sniff her. We’re definitely willing to try it. 

I have confidence in Indy that he’ll be okay around the baby since she’s a part of ME, and I believe dogs can sense that sort of thing, but I’m terribly concerned about his protective behavior. What is he going to do if my mom (or someone else) comes over to take the baby from me? A part of me thinks he’ll snap at my mom because he’s protecting me and the baby. 

I know for sure though, that I will never leave Indy alone with the baby. You just never know. It only takes two seconds to put the baby in her crib if I have to run out of the room real quick. I’m thankful Indy is still pretty much a puppy, that he’s not so set in his ways, and he and the baby can grow up together. I’m hoping he will adjust well. Of course I’d never choose my dog over my baby, but it would break!my!heart! to have to send Indy to my parents. I’m so attached to this dog! 

I wish we would have done training with him earlier on, but I didn’t realize how big of a deal his behavior was. Now, there’s no time to do training since the baby’s coming. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we can do to help make this transition easier, and prevent him from becoming too protective or aggressive…??

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10 Replies to “Doggy Dog Dilemma”

  1. I'm thinking he'll be fine. You've heard my stories about Mac. He was a people person, but like overly JUMPY and in people's face type–and he didn't quite bite, but he would gnaw gently on someones hand if they let him (Declan lets him do it all the time, i hate that)…but yea. I think he'll adjust.

    We did the exact thing you will do (bring the hat, me come in first, etc). It wasn't near as big of a deal as we expected. We even thought we'd have to sell him if he didn't get along with the baby.

    Now–they are the BEST of friends. Not kidding. She sees him and LIGHTS up when he comes near her. He gives her a kiss everynight before bed. When she wakes up in the morning he runs to greet her. AND when she cries at all, he starts to run up the steps and looks at me like "COME ON MOM GO GET HER!"..he's such a protective (in a cute way) pup.

    I think Indy will be ok.

  2. I think if you make sure Indy isn't completely ignored you will be ok. I'm sure it's a huge thing weighing on your mind but don't stress about it until the time comes. I think the precautions you can take are what you said – bringing something home before you come home that smells like the baby and then making sure you give Indy enough attention when you get home. I have a feeling I'm going to have a very similar problem when the time comes. Miley and I are like two peas in a pod…she is attached whenever I am home, which I love…buuuuut….
    Also, I love me some modern family! I was dying through that entire episode!!!

  3. I think Indy will do really well. Even if it may take longer, he'll just adjust and end up loving her just as much as he loves you 🙂 I can see you already blogging about how much the two of them love each other 🙂

  4. I am so happy to hear that you are never going to leave the baby alone with the dog! You are already making good mommy decisions! (Even though that little furry pip squeak of yours probably would just shower the baby with kisses!)

    Some kids are not lucky enough to have smart parents with good common sense. My grandmother just told me about a mother in the news who left her newborn on the bed, alone with a pit bull while she took a shower. It didn't end well.

  5. A two and three year old are so much different from a newborn. Toddlers run around and make fast movements that he might just not understand. He will probably be okay with a sleepy baby. I'll be posting about my little doggies adjustment soon, but really the only thing she got upset about was the crying, but shes used to it now!

  6. Great quote! You know my obsession with that show! 🙂

    I should have reminded myself of how much experience I had with babies during Aidan's first few weeks so I could have relaxed and been more confident. It's was so different since he was MY baby though and I'm a worry wort so it prob wouldn't have helped much. :p

    Good luck with Indy! I'm sure he'll do just fine and love Little Miss tons! 🙂

  7. When I read doggy dog world, the phrase sounded strangely familiar but I couldn't think why. 🙂 Love that show.

    I bet he will adjust. I think dogs pick up on their owner's feelings. Hopefully Indy will know your love for her and will sense to be careful around her. Rocca did that with Story. But like you said, never leave the dog alone with the baby. That would be true with any dog, not just Indy. 🙂

  8. I'm afraid of the same thing. We have 2 kittens and they L.O.V.E their momma's attention. I see how they climb over each other when one is sleeping on me or my hubby and I'm afraid they will do the same to the babe.

    Good luck!!!

    P.S. I found your blog through Katie@Loves Life

  9. We've had our 55 shepherd "lap dog" for 5.5 years now and she is an attention hog… but she has been AWESOME with the baby so far! We did all of the things that your hospital told you to do, and she wasn't interested in the hat at all – but she is so protective of the baby, it's adorable. Don't be too nervous, and good luck!!

  10. I have a 6 pound Yorkie Poo and that's one of my biggest fears when we have a baby someday. Willow is SUPER protective of me and doesn't let anyone come near me when she's in my lap. I'm curious to see how it goes with you guys!

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