Being sick when you’re 35+ weeks pregnant sucks.

Big Time.

Especially when it causes you to postpone your baby shower.

Yep. Sucks.

The last two days have been rough… to say the least. Thursday night, about halfway through Grey’s Anatomy, I started feeling really weak, nauseous, hot/cold, crampy, and just all around terrible. I felt like I couldn’t stand without passing out. Thank goodness my awesome hubby was home and he’s training to be a doctor. He sure stepped up to the plate.

I have a tendency to get very anxious in these situations, but I just kept breathing. It made me extra anxious that I was having contractions. They were coming and going, so B and I started timing them. They were very inconsistent, and then all the sudden they stopped. Thank goodness. But for a while there I thought we were going to have to go to the hospital. I never said it out loud, but I sure was thinking it.

Surprisingly, Thursday night, I got a wonderful night’s sleep. I needed to, after being exhausted for three hours, wondering what.the.heck was happening. However, when I woke up Friday, I was feeling crappy again. Better than the night before, but just still overall lousy. Blake had class, which left me by myself, trying not to freak out over every little symptom. After lunchtime, I called my doctor’s office and the nurse told me to take some Tylenol Cold. It definitely perked me up for about and hour or so, but then I went right back to… blahhh.

Then the contractions, or what I think were/are contractions returned, and I found myself running to the bathroom every several minutes. In our labor class, we learned this was a sign of labor (the body cleansing itself out), so I started freaking out thinking that this might really be happening. But of course again, when I started timing them, they stopped.

It was difficult for me to distinguish what were cold/flu-like symptoms and what were pregnancy symptoms. All of them combined made for one! miserable! girl! I woke up this morning still feeling a little lousy, but as the day went on, I was able to stand for longer periods of time, I wasn’t as groggy, and didn’t have any contractions. I even ventured outside, with a baby book, and soaked up some vitamin D, looking out onto the golf course. 

I’m hoping for an even better day tomorrow. Filled with lots of fluids, rest, more vitamin D, and perhaps a little family walk around the neighborhood. I know Indy would love to get out of the house, and I could sure use the exercise, too.

The book I’m currently reading is Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality (Laura A. Jana, MD, FAAP; Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP) and I highly recommend it. My pediatrician growing up gave it to us. I’m halfway through and I find it entirely helpful. I like how the authors write like they’re talking to the reader, instead of spitting out big, long, research words and theories. 

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  1. Maybe the baby will come early! Crazy! Don't worry about the shower. If we have to do it after the baby comes, then that would be super fun too. Just make sure she is in there next saturday for pictures! 🙂

  2. Glad the cramping stopped! Like Marissa said, don't worry about postponing the shower. We will have a baby shower or meet the baby party whenever you would like! 🙂 Hope you're back to feeling 100% (or as close to as you can when you are 35 wks pregnant) soon!

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