Shower of Joy… a.k.a. picture overload

Alrighty, well I finally got a copy of the baby shower pictures–I know I’m behind! The reason being is the pics were uploaded onto my MIL’s Costco account and the nearest Costco to us is 45 minutes away!! Therefore, I had to wait a week for my mom to bring me a copy of the picsies. 

But I won’t bother you with details. You’ve waited patiently long enough! 

The order of uploading the pictures got messed up, and it would take too long to fix it, but you get the picture… 

Two days before the shower, B and I asked his oldest sister, Ann Marie, to be Baby Girl’s godmother. We asked her by giving her this shirt. 
She said YES!
Little Miss has got some good genes 😉


My best friend since kindergarten flew in from NYC! 
 Baby Girl’s first polo from her Auntie Michelle (clearly! looovveee it!)
Of course I love this! From my bff, Lauren, in the back 🙂
My friend/sorority sister Cata made this diaper wreath! Adorable!
My third grade teacher gave Little Miss this basket. Look at the next pic to see what I pulled out of it….
 It kept going…
 ….and going! SO COOL!
Our 2 year-old nephew Lucas gave the chickadee her first Indiana Jones toy. 
Looks like she’ll have to fight Daddy for it!
{If you didn’t already know, this is how Indy got his name}
So happy Cata could make it!
College ‘sweet’ mates!
He’s gonna be the best daddy!
Blessed pins my MIL made for people to take home. 
{I have them scattered everywhere around my house!}
Start of the shower…

 Newly engaged pretties! With mimosas, of course!

Spoiled much..?! 
What would a shower be without games?!
 Sorority sisters throughout the years…
 It means so much to me that they were all there to celebrate the “little legacy”!
Beautiful handmade quilt!
My “Little” Sister <3
My Daddy and me comparing bellies 😉
Beautiful Mama!
“Wish Tree” for guests to write little love notes to the babe.
{I got the idea from Arrie @ The Lugar News. We coincidentally have the same nursery bedding!}
My Third Grade Teacher came to my shower!!!!!
BFF Lauren 🙂
 Co-host and amazing family friend…
Obsessed In love with my Vera diaper bag from my sister-in-laws! 
It’s perfect.

 Baby’s first Longaberger basket to put her footprints, hospital bracelet, lock of hair, etc… throughout the years. Such a thoughtful gift!

So there you have it!
It was such a blessed day filled with lots of love for our little girl! 
Blake and I couldn’t be more appreciative. 
We’re truly humbled, and thankful for each and every person who made this day so special for our family!

13 Replies to “Shower of Joy… a.k.a. picture overload”

  1. Absolutely beautiful shower!! Your little lady has a great family coming her way. 🙂

    Sidebar…are you an ADPi?! I'm a Kappa Kappa Gamma and there were ADPi's on my campus that always did the same diamond hand sign. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! So many pictures and it looks like such a fun time:)
    You are so blessed to be surrounded by so many friends and all the family!!! This little girl is going to be truly and completely loved!!

  3. Such a fun, fun time!!! Your little girly got so many cute things! It's awesome to have family and friends that love us come together to celebrate the coming of a new little addition 🙂 I'm so glad you had a blast 🙂

  4. Ok so I think I could literally say something about every single picture in regards to how fun, amazing, beautiful everything was! But since this isn't fb… 😉
    You and Blake are going to have the most adorable little girl in the ENTIRE world! Seriously!!! Those genes!!!! I swooned over those headbands!! I promise you that when (if – hopefully) I have a girl she will be wearing those – they are SOOO cute!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures! Looks like you had a TON of fun!

  5. WHAT a great shower!! You look sooo adorable, Katie!! The little one got so many fun gifts it looks like– looove the Vera bag as well! You are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends!

  6. I love all your pictures! Your bows and headbands are to die for, and you will LOVE your Vera! They hold so much! Your wishing tree looks great and you will enjoy going back and reading the wishes over and over. You look fab momma!

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