Progress, yo!

I had my 36-week check up yesterday afternoon, which means they did the Strep B test, and checked my cervix. I was expecting absolutely nothing to happen, but guess what, y’all?!

I’m just about halfway effaced and 1 cm dilated! 
{what! what!}

When the doctor checked me, he was really surprised at how low she is (head down). He asked me if I felt like I was walking around with a bowling ball between my legs. 
{Ya think, Doc?!}

So, anyway, this really isn’t any indication of whether or not she’ll come early, on time, or late, but he did say it’ll make for a speedier delivery when the time comes (since I’m already 1 cm dilated).

This all makes me very excited and also a little relieved because chances of her being born before Nov 5 (remember… B has a test that day) are slim. Not impossible, but also not probable. 
{fingers AND LEGS crossed!}

NOW… I have a game for y’all… 

*It’s our Online Baby Pool*

When do you think Little Miss will make her grand entrance? 
How much will she weigh? 
How long will she be? 

There’s a place to guess the gender, but obviously I’ve already given you the answer to that one! (lucky you) 
Also, please indicate how you know me and/or Blake. Whether you’re a relative (aunt, cousin, etc.), friend, or blog friend 🙂

I’ll remind you of a few things that may be helpful hints:
Based on my guessed last period, Baby Girl’s due date is really November 23 (this is what they go by at the doctor’s office), but based on our first ultrasound, it’s November 26 (what I’ve been going by).

At our last ultrasound at 34 weeks, Lil Miss was measuring 4lbs 11oz. 

At 36 weeks, I’m currently almost halfway effaced and 1 cm dilated.

So, what do you think!?

Click HERE to play.

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  1. So exciting that progress is being made!!! That's better than nothing right?
    I am going to have to do my guessing in a little bit when I get back from my evening meeting I have to go to (blah!)

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