35 Weeks & 35 More Days

How far along?
{sorry, no face this week due to a terrible cold!}

Total weight gain:

Wednesday night was the worst night’s sleep. By far. I must have woken up at least ten times, half to go to the bathroom. It didn’t help that I was fighting a nasty cold. B woke up a ton of times, too, and asked if this was preparing us for the baby.


Pelvis pressure. Little Miss is quite low these days, making walking/moving around sometimes oh!so!difficult!

Labor Signs:
{I’m adding this since we’re just five weeks away!}
I’m having contractions probably 2-3 times a day. Wednesday night I had a cluster of contractions in a row and first thought, nooo I can’t go into labor tonight. I have an icky cold and didn’t straighten my hair [yes, this was my first thought!] THEN, maybe I should start timing them on my iPhone app?
Luckily, I waited a few more minutes and they stopped all together.

Originally I was thinking Little Miss would make it all the way to her due date, or even after since I was three days late, plus she’s such a little peanut. But now… Blake and I are thinking she’ll be early. One being she’s been snuggled head down for a month, two, I’ve been having contractions, and three, I have a ton of pelvis pressure. Who knows though, right!? I’d really like to make it two more weeks, then I’ll be fine with whatever!

B would prefer anytime after Nov 5… he has a test that day!

At next week’s appointment, I’m going to get checked to see if there’s any progress in the effacement/dilation department!!

Best moment this week:
Hearing Baby Girl’s heartbeat. 150 bpm. And knowing we’ll get to hear it every week from now on!

Poptarts. I actually made B go to the store to get me some. S’mores, to be specific. Now, I’m officially a pregnant lady… making her hubby go out for a random craving. [hehe]

still cooked veggies

I was reading in a magazine that at 8 months you can hear the baby’s heartbeat with a stethoscope, so I whipped out B’s and sure enough…! It was so cool! It’s really faint compared to hearing it on a doppler at the doctor’s. I also listened to her have the hiccups, which she gets seriously all! the! time!

Pink Polos and Pearls

What I miss:
Laying on my back

35 days to D-Day!!!!!!

Favorite moments:
Soaking up this last month of pregnancy.

10 Replies to “35 Weeks & 35 More Days”

  1. Feel better and rest up! 🙂 You and B sound just like Aric and hoping that Aidan would wait until after 2/26… we all know how that ended! Note to Little Miss, "Try not to be naughty like your boyfriend, wait until 11/6 at least! Can't wait to meet you!" :p

  2. I just want to rub your belly!!
    I can't wait to meet the little girl… I guess the contractions are getting you ready for the big day 🙂
    I hope that your cold goes away and that you are feeling better! And have a GREAT weekend!!

  3. Wow, all of a sudden you're 8 months along!! Crazy, right? I feel so redundant saying this, but you really look so amazingly cute 😀 Have a great weekend!!

  4. Katie I soo feel like I'm in the same place as you right now! the last couple of weeks have been so HARD! I think that me packing and being on my feet so much doesn't help either. Sleep has been awful and I've been having contractions, pelvic and lower abd pain galore! Part of me would want her to come around 37 weeks because I feel so miserable and I know it will only get worse, but then part of me would just rather have her cook in there for a while because I still have about a billion things to do!
    Anyway, you are looking so very cute! I think your belly just popped even more this week! And how cool is it that you only have 35 days left! Gosh, we're so close!

  5. mmmmm S'more poptarts! YUM! 🙂
    Contractions?! wowzas! I'm sure she's just excited to meet her mommy and daddy! Hope you had a good weekend and were able to catch up on the lack of sleep from Wednesday (how awful!).

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