29 Weeks’ Belly Pic

*Warning: Sorry about the pic quality. I accidentally locked my camera and don’t know how to unlock it. lol But we’re getting an SLR in October–can’t wait!

Here’s my 29 week belly to go along with my update from yesterday. 
Check it out here:
[Indy had to make a little appearance]

One piece of advice I recently received was don’t compare yourself to other pregnant women. I was starting to get concerned that my belly wasn’t big enough. However, at my last well check-up I was measuring right on target. Nothing to worry about. Every woman is different, carries differently, and grows differently. So lesson learned… I shouldn’t listen to people saying things like, you’re still so small… yada yada
Nothing is wrong with me 😉

A LOT of changes have happened over the last few days:

{I have to bend over to see my feet now…very weird!}

{Putting on shoes is difficult}

{Bending over period is difficult}

{Getting out of bed is not.so.easy. anymore}

{I get tired a lot faster}

I mentioned yesterday that the babe’s foot has been glued to my right hip for the past few days, but as of last night, she is now wedged between my hip and ribs. It’s such a strange feeling. It actually takes my breath away at times. It took a while to get comfortable all last night because she was kicking so much!!


As you probably know, we got our crib… YEA!!! 
While I was home over the weekend, I brought back the mattress and obviously could.not.wait any longer to set up Baby Girl’s bedding.
I think it’s so precious and l.o.v.e it! 
More fun things to come, that’s for sure!

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29 Weeks

How far along?
29 weeks 2 days
I know, I know. I’m late. But I visited my parents over the weekend.
And I will post a belly pic tomorrow because, quite frankly, I look like it’s been a long weekend–which it has. A great one, but very long. I’m tired! 
Cut me some slack here, I’m pregnant =P

Total weight gain:
15, maybe 16? My mom’s surprised it isn’t more since I eat all.the.time.

Maternity clothes:
I went to TWO different malls and millions of stores with my mom to try and find a dress to wear to my baby shower, but everything is humungous and frumpy. I found out H&M has a maternity section, so we went there. Their fall line is out now so everything was black, grey, and dark dark purple. Helllllooo? I live in Florida. You can wear bright colors all!year!long! PLUS, I wanna show off my bump, not try to hide it. Anyway, I did find a really cute coral/melon colored dress. Excited to wear it on 10.10.10!

Not too bad. I’m constantly switching sides since my hips get sore at night, but I’m able to fall back asleep pretty quickly. 

My feet have been hurting a lot, but I’ve also been on them more, lately. No swelling yet though, so I’m thankful for that.

What I’m looking forward to:
Putting the bedding on the crib now that we have the mattress! [Pics to come]

I had a dream this afternoon about grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. When I woke up from my nap, guess what my husband had waiting for me?! Yep. Weird, no? I could also really go for a Wendy’s frosty right about now. Haven’t had one of those in years.


Best moment this week:
Getting our stroller/car seat and putting it together. It was actually a lot easier than I first suspected when I pulled it out of the box.

TONS!!!! She doesn’t ever stop. For reals. She’s decided to lodge her foot (or feet? not sure…) far into my right hip. It’s been there for four days now. It doesn’t hurt, but it is a really weird feeling, especially when she gives a good jolt. My belly is also lopsided at times, from her constantly rolling back and forth.
Girly girl

Belly button:
The top is out

What I miss:
Being able to get out of bed without.a.crane.

My belly getting bigger. According to babycenter.com, all her nutritional needs are met this week, too. I hope I’ve given her what she’s needed!
Only 8 more weeks ’til she’s full-term 🙂

Favorite moments:
Seeing her moving

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Nursery Update

Things are finally coming along in the nursery department. Thank goodness my sister-in-law called us Saturday night to tell us about a great deal at Target: Buy the crib, get the matching changing table for F-R-E-E! Yep. That’s right. The crib converts into a toddler bed, and full-size bed.
She’s a beauty in “Espresso”:
[The mattress is still at my parents’ house so I couldn’t fully set everything up yet]

[will hopefully get my baskets off my registry to go on the shelves]

Thank goodness my awesome in-laws were in town visiting for Labor Day to help us set it up. I’m so happy it all worked out 🙂

We also went ahead and set up the playard in our bedroom so Indy would get used to it. I thought he’d growl or bark at it, but he could care less. I guess that’s a good sign!
[L.O.V.E. this pattern! And works for a boy one day, too!]

AND….. our car seat/stroller arrived today (thanks to B’s aunt and uncle) WAHOO!! Silly me thought it would come already assembled (just folded up), but ha-ha… yeah right. I opened it up and it’s all.in.pieces. 

If you have a baby I’m sure you know there are a bazillion many different products out there to choose from and it can be terribly overwhelming. We’ve received a lot of advice/suggestions, and I’ve read a ton of consumer reports online. It’s seems that for every several “Excellent” reviews, there’s always a complainer. We did the best we could and know that people like/dislike products for different reasons and there’s always going to be “something” that “someone” doesn’t like about it. In any case, we chose this stroller for a few different reasons: 
I could maneuver it easily through the aisles/It wasn’t unstable 
I could easily collapse it/pick it up/open it back up
There’s a lock on the front wheel if you choose to jog down a straight path
The car seat handle made it easy to hold from every angle
 …and this might be the most important reason… 
You can hook your iPod up to its speakers!!!
[okay so maybe that’s Blake’s fav part about the stroller]

Overall, I think we made a great choice about everything, but I guess we’ll find out when the little chickadee comes. She’ll be the real critic.

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Labor Day!

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Prenatal Yoga

Before I ever got pregnant, I always imagined I’d be in the best shape of my life, would eat healthy, and go to prenatal yoga at least twice a week.

And now that I’m actually in those shoes? Welllll… my stamina sucks. I could barely “jog” a mile pre-preg, and I’ve done the prenatal yoga DVD 4 1/2 times now. I will give myself credit and say the only fast food I’ve had is Chick-fil-a (sorry for all you northerners who aren’t fortunate enough to experience this sweet, sweet heavenly fast food). To me, CFA is like the upscale dining of fast food. I will pat myself on the back and say that I haven’t had any Mickey D’s. Really the only time I’ve indulged in the infamous nugs anyway was in college at 2am after the bars; which, if you knew me in real life, you’d know that only ever really happened a handful of times, seeing as I’m the Queen of Homebodies.

BUT…. I’ve come to learn that saying you’re going to do something when you’re pregnant in the future, and actually doing it once you get there, are two completely different things. I’ll be the first to admit, shamefully so, that I judged other pregnant women before I was initiated. I’d say, they’re eating crap-ola! I’d never do that! Or, they just sit on the couch all day? Why don’t they get up and do something?


The truth is, you see, you never know what you’re going to be like til you’re actually there. In the beginning I swore to myself [and maybe out loud a time or two]if I wouldn’t feed it to my baby outside of my belly, then I shouldn’t be feeding it to her when she’s on the inside. Well, easier said than done. When that box of Cheese-Its and brownies are staring you down like a lion in heat, and you absolutely want to vom at the thought of anything that could been seen on Veggie Tales, those pre-meditated thoughts disappear faster than Houdini. 

At first I felt terribly guilty. And people would say, well you’re eating for two. It’s okay. Yes, but not two 110-lb people.

But back to the yoga. Like I said, I always imagined myself going regularly throughout my pregnancy. It’s not like yoga’s foreign to me. In college, the yoga instructor picked me to assist him in the class. I “modeled” in the front while he went around helping people with their form. I would do this 5-6 days a week! So to say I’d go to prenatal yoga was not a stretch by any means.

But have I gone to an actual class with a real-live teacher? 


However, my hips and lower back/butt have been pretty painful at times lately, so I decided to give the DVD another go. And lookie who decided to join me:

He does this every.single.time.
I love my little yoga buddy 🙂

*I highly recommend doing prenatal yoga. I really do feel better and more relaxed after. I can honestly say I wish I would have done it from the beginning. And while I can’t say what a “live” class is like, the DVD gets the job done and if you borrow it from a friend, it’s always free.
**Thank you, Ashley for letting me borrow the cheesy DVD! 🙂

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28 Weeks

How far along?

Total weight gain:

Maternity clothes:
Shorts and tanks. I was excited to find out that I still fit into my XS non-maternity maxi dress from The GAP when B took me on a date last Saturday 🙂

Pretty good. I am in l.o.v.e. with my maternity pillow. I don’t know what I’d do without it! I still get up to pee at least twice a night. 

The heartburn has subsided this week, but my hips are soooo sore! I know they’re making way for baby, and the doctor said it’ll go away right after the baby’s born…but still! owwie! 
Also, my prego allergies were soooo bad on Wednesday. It literally kept me from doing a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. It was miserable, but I’m back to normal. thankgoodness!

What I’m looking forward to:
Hopefully putting together our crib this weekend. hopefully.
And I just found out B’s aunt and uncle graciously got us our car seat/stroller!!! YAY!!!!

I really wanted a poptart the other day, which I haven’t had since high school, but the craving wasn’t strong enough to go out and get one. Otherwise, nothing.

nothing really

Best moment this week:
Hearing my baby girl’s heartbeat today… a solid 149 🙂 It’s sweet music to my ears.

She moves all.the.time. It’s awesome!! She also had the hiccups a lot this week.

daddy’s little love

Belly button:
oh boy, it’s starting to pop out :-/

What I miss:
getting my back cracked/re-adjusted

Had my glucose test today. I’ll find out next week if I passed (fingers crossed!) And I’m measuring right on target. Nine more weeks and she’s full-term.

Favorite moments:
Feeling her roll around and kick. iloveit

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Med School Stuff

If you haven’t noticed, all my posts lately have been about
B-A-B-Y! And while that’s my newest “obsession,” it’s not the only thing going on in my life. I started this blog to not only document my life, but also my and B’s journey through medical school.

So I thought I’d give y’all a break from all.things.baby. and write about how that’s going these days. B successfully survived made it through his first year of med school. He had a wonderful experience and really enjoys the structure of his school. When we first decided to embark on this journey together, we got a lot of… in my opinion, negative advice. With all due respect, I know people were just trying to help, but to be quite honest, [and it’s my blog so I can be!] I was sick and tired of hearing people say it was going to be oh! so! hard!

I would say, “I know it’s not always going to be easy, but we can do it.” And when ‘those people’ would condescendingly smile back and say, “Ohh you have no idea,” like I was some naive little girl, I would want to rip their heads off just smile back and take it with a grain of salt.

To be completely honest, the road so far has been pretty easy. I mean, of course the hubs has had some super hard tests and late late nights studying, but as far as a strain on our relationship, there hasn’t been any. What I love about B is his talent in communication. Not everyone has his gift. If you can believe it, we’ve never had a full-blown fight. I kid you not. He’s just that good at communicating. And he’s taught me everything I know.

This year Blake is in his second year of med school and it’s off to a great start! People always told us we’d never have time to go out on dates, eat together or, basically, see one another. However, the only times we’ve ever missed a meal is if he’s playing a sport (mostly basketball) to run off some steam from the day/week, and I’m just too hungry to wait! We still watch movies together on the couch, and go out to dinner. Some nights I’ll put on my eye mask while he turns on the nightstand light to read about embryology, micro/molecular biology, or some other -ology. We make it work.

And I’m honestly not trying to sugarcoat anything. I can seriously say with a straight-face that I wouldn’t change a thing. Before moving in and starting our lives together I was very dependent on Blake. In college, I relied on him to run errands with me because I didn’t want to go by myself. Now, I am much more independent [yay! this is a huge success for an only-child, like myself] and am a lot more confident.

I’m also very fortunate to have a fabulous group of med school gfs/fiances/wives down here. We try to get together almost every week. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Be bored out of my mind when Blake’s studying…? Yep. No one understands what it’s like to be a med-school significant other unless you’re one yourself. It’s like a cult. It’s just different. It’s like military wives. No one understands unless you’re one of them, which, NOW I am one of those, too! oh boy. A med school military wife? I’m sure ‘those people’ would have a thing or two to say to me now, eh?

Of course, everything I just said will probably fly right out the window when Little Miss decides to officially join our family. I probably won’t be saying it’s so easy anymore….

But no matter what life throws at us, I’ll be with my best friend through it all. And nothing and no one is ever going to change that.

P.S. Indy loves to be with his daddy while he’s studying:
P.P.S. I know rotating and residency years are going to be a whole heck of a lot different.
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