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If you haven’t noticed, all my posts lately have been about
B-A-B-Y! And while that’s my newest “obsession,” it’s not the only thing going on in my life. I started this blog to not only document my life, but also my and B’s journey through medical school.

So I thought I’d give y’all a break from and write about how that’s going these days. B successfully survived made it through his first year of med school. He had a wonderful experience and really enjoys the structure of his school. When we first decided to embark on this journey together, we got a lot of… in my opinion, negative advice. With all due respect, I know people were just trying to help, but to be quite honest, [and it’s my blog so I can be!] I was sick and tired of hearing people say it was going to be oh! so! hard!

I would say, “I know it’s not always going to be easy, but we can do it.” And when ‘those people’ would condescendingly smile back and say, “Ohh you have no idea,” like I was some naive little girl, I would want to rip their heads off just smile back and take it with a grain of salt.

To be completely honest, the road so far has been pretty easy. I mean, of course the hubs has had some super hard tests and late late nights studying, but as far as a strain on our relationship, there hasn’t been any. What I love about B is his talent in communication. Not everyone has his gift. If you can believe it, we’ve never had a full-blown fight. I kid you not. He’s just that good at communicating. And he’s taught me everything I know.

This year Blake is in his second year of med school and it’s off to a great start! People always told us we’d never have time to go out on dates, eat together or, basically, see one another. However, the only times we’ve ever missed a meal is if he’s playing a sport (mostly basketball) to run off some steam from the day/week, and I’m just too hungry to wait! We still watch movies together on the couch, and go out to dinner. Some nights I’ll put on my eye mask while he turns on the nightstand light to read about embryology, micro/molecular biology, or some other -ology. We make it work.

And I’m honestly not trying to sugarcoat anything. I can seriously say with a straight-face that I wouldn’t change a thing. Before moving in and starting our lives together I was very dependent on Blake. In college, I relied on him to run errands with me because I didn’t want to go by myself. Now, I am much more independent [yay! this is a huge success for an only-child, like myself] and am a lot more confident.

I’m also very fortunate to have a fabulous group of med school gfs/fiances/wives down here. We try to get together almost every week. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Be bored out of my mind when Blake’s studying…? Yep. No one understands what it’s like to be a med-school significant other unless you’re one yourself. It’s like a cult. It’s just different. It’s like military wives. No one understands unless you’re one of them, which, NOW I am one of those, too! oh boy. A med school military wife? I’m sure ‘those people’ would have a thing or two to say to me now, eh?

Of course, everything I just said will probably fly right out the window when Little Miss decides to officially join our family. I probably won’t be saying it’s so easy anymore….

But no matter what life throws at us, I’ll be with my best friend through it all. And nothing and no one is ever going to change that.

P.S. Indy loves to be with his daddy while he’s studying:
P.P.S. I know rotating and residency years are going to be a whole heck of a lot different.

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  1. aww I'm so happy things have been so pleasant for you so far! I got the SAME responses when I moved 800+ miles away for Russ, and I think I did a pretty good job letting them know that although they were negative, we are doing just fine. thank-you-very-much 😉
    The one thing that was hard for me was that I didn't have any gf's around (it was weird, there were groups, but they were mostly for married significant others, so I was never invited). So that was pretty tough, but this first year of rotations is significantly better.
    I still can't get over how Indy does that! so cute!!

  2. I get SO frustrated with some of the medical wives who only have negative things to say about EVERYTHING related to medicine.
    I think that if S and I were actually in the same place at the same time, we would be making it through and wouldn't be miserable.

    It's an insane road that these doctors go down. I can't imagine the hours spent studying or even trying to absorb that knowledge. I could never do it. I know that through all of this, I have become a different person too. A better person. It's all a learning curve. And if you go into it with a negative attitude, things are going to suck badly!!

    I am glad that things are going well for you!!! I think that things change, but you guys will adapt. I hear that the first two years are the hardest. S and I loved third and fourth year the best, so maybe it will be the same for you!!!

    Indy is so stinkin' cute!

  3. I agree about our little group! I could not live without our hangouts… for different reasons pre- and post- Aidan. Before it was to save me from boredom and now it's for some much needed two-way convos. 🙂 Either way, I am so thankful for you girls!

    P.S. I know you were trying to stay away from baby talk, but you are going to be a military, med school student's wife and a mom! WOW!

  4. I am so excited to find another military medical student's wife!! My husband is in his fourth year now, but oh how I remember first and second year. You are so blessed to be married from the beginning. : ) anyway, just wanted to say hi. Glad I found you! I'll be reading!

  5. I thought the first 2 years were harder than the last 2 years. The studying the first 2 years took up the most time. 4th year was the easiest, by far.

    Now that he's in his second year of residency we still don’t have "relationship issues" that so many swore we'd have because he'd "always be gone". I don’t know HOW he does what he does and I admire him greatly for it. I think it helps when a couple is a good team and communicates well, like you said. We still have dinner together almost every night except when he is on call or I am doing an overnight shift and we have "dates" to the movie and stuff quite often.

    Just continue to communicate when little miss comes and you shouldn’t have a problem! I'm glad to hear that things are going so well 😀

  6. My husband Uncles are all doctors and their wives told me over and over again how "hard" it would be. How they were "so lonely" and "isolated"
    In some respects, yes it's hard, however it's not nearly as bad as some people would have you believe! I personally thought medical school was the easy part relationship wise. Yes, fourth year gets complicated with away rotations and the stress of match. Overall though, it's much easier because there is a built in social network with medical school.

    Residency…Not so much. Some places have great support for S/O's but alot don't. That is the hard part for me. Moving to a new place and not knowing a-n-y-b-o-d-y. The hours of residency are long but I don't feel like it's SO HARD. You make it what it is. You have to choose to spend the time with your husband when he's off. It takes extra effort to coordinate schedules but I always make sure we have a day together when he's off to do fun things. No errands!

    You'll figure it out. Don't listen to the people who think it's really hard. Every personality is different. If you signed up for this life then you're already 10x's stronger than most!


    PS I'm new to your blog!

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