29 Weeks’ Belly Pic

*Warning: Sorry about the pic quality. I accidentally locked my camera and don’t know how to unlock it. lol But we’re getting an SLR in October–can’t wait!

Here’s my 29 week belly to go along with my update from yesterday. 
Check it out here:
[Indy had to make a little appearance]

One piece of advice I recently received was don’t compare yourself to other pregnant women. I was starting to get concerned that my belly wasn’t big enough. However, at my last well check-up I was measuring right on target. Nothing to worry about. Every woman is different, carries differently, and grows differently. So lesson learned… I shouldn’t listen to people saying things like, you’re still so small… yada yada
Nothing is wrong with me 😉

A LOT of changes have happened over the last few days:

{I have to bend over to see my feet now…very weird!}

{Putting on shoes is difficult}

{Bending over period is difficult}

{Getting out of bed is not.so.easy. anymore}

{I get tired a lot faster}

I mentioned yesterday that the babe’s foot has been glued to my right hip for the past few days, but as of last night, she is now wedged between my hip and ribs. It’s such a strange feeling. It actually takes my breath away at times. It took a while to get comfortable all last night because she was kicking so much!!


As you probably know, we got our crib… YEA!!! 
While I was home over the weekend, I brought back the mattress and obviously could.not.wait any longer to set up Baby Girl’s bedding.
I think it’s so precious and l.o.v.e it! 
More fun things to come, that’s for sure!

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8 Replies to “29 Weeks’ Belly Pic”

  1. You are looking amazing and the baby bedding is so cute!
    I cannot imagine what it would be like having something inside me, not to mention something inside of me MOVING! So weird!

  2. Adorable belly 🙂
    I was always concerned that my belly was way to small when I was pregnant with my first. I was seriously, teeny all the way through. Everytime I went to the dr they reassured me that I was fine. When I was a week from giving birth people thought I had a few months to go.

    Thennnn…. I got pregnant with my second and I was HUGE! haha… so I guess it all just depends.

    The bedding is so pretty btw 🙂 It's getting so close!

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