And it Never Ends…

My life is seriously not going to slow down anytime soon!

Just look at what’s happenin’ for the next several months:


  • Baby Shower #1 {back home}
  • Sis-in-law’s engagement party {although I won’t be able to attend because it’s back home and too far away from our hospital this late in the game}
  • Nephew’s 2nd Birthday {also cannot attend and bummed about this, too!}
  • Mom coming to visit and help me finish things for the baby/pack my hospital bag
  • Baby Shower #2 {in town.. given by my amazing med school wives’ girlies}
  • Maternity Shots




  • 2-week vacation from Med School/going back home
  • My 24th birthday
  • Chanukah
  • Christmas
  • Mother-in-law’s birthday
  • Future brother-in-law’s birthday


  • Sis-in-law’s birthday
  • Parents’ Anniversary
  • Baby Girl’s Baptism


  • Hubby’s Birthday
  • Valentine’s Day


  • Our ‘Marriage Celebration’ {when we got married in June we didn’t have a reception with extended family and friends since our little miracle blessedly surprised us, so we’re going to have another ceremony/reception with ALL the special people in our lives! Can’t wait!!}
  • Oldest Sis-in-law’s birthday


  • Moving back to our home town so B can start his rotations


  • B takes the first part of his boards!

  • Our FIRST Wedding Anniversary!!!!!

And I wouldn’t be surprised if I forgot something!
{or more}

I guess that’s what growing up and life will do to ‘ya, huh?!
While it’s going to be uber busy and sometimes overwhelming I’m really looking forward to all!the!fun! and memorable events! …Especially since we’ll have our baby girl to share it with! What could be better than that?!

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Congratulations to my beautiful sister-in-law, Michelle. Her boyfriend PROPOSED over the weekend! I’m soooo happy for them, and am excited for Michael to be my brother-in-law. 

I would tell the story, but I wouldn’t do it justice. Let’s just say, they were slow-dancing by the water and it was p.e.r.f.e.c.t. [So them!]

{fun fact}
Michelle is also my sorority sister, and Michael is Blake’s fraternity brother. 
How cool is that?!

I wish them all the best blessings–they’re going to have such a wonderful life together 🙂

Love you, M & M! 
Let the fun begin!
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Prepared Childbirth

Over the weekend, B and I had another baby prep class. This one was ‘Lamaze’-based and focused on laboring and coping. We really had no idea what to expect. I half went in there thinking, Oh!em!gee! They’re going to make us sit on the floor, chanting, hee hee hoo… hee hee hoo…

You know, like you see in the movies.
Thank goodness I was wrong. It was so much better than I thought! There were only eight couples total and we snagged a spot on the hospital’s sorry excuse for a love seat. [I’m so glad I brought a pillow] Now, ever since grade school, my fear is THE ICE BREAKER! It makes me all anxious and nervous. But of course, what was the first thing we had to do? Introduce ourselves. Duh. We were also asked to share if we were team pink or team blue, and our baby’s name.
I quickly shot a glance at B and whispered: Do we tell? We haven’t told anyone. But I didn’t want to be that couple.
So, when it came to be our turn… we *gasp* told the class our daughter’s name! [Mom, if you’re reading this, please don’t kill me. iloveyou.] We figured no one in the room knows our family or friends, so we’re safe, right? It felt good to say it out loud. But don’t get too excited. Our lips are sealed…
I always hype myself up for introductions, when in reality, they’re never all.that.bad. Plus, when the instructor asked the class why we were here, guess who was the first person to volunteer and answer?? Yours truly. Come to think of it, I was also the first to break the ice at our marriage prep class, too. Weird, no?
Anyway, I digress…
The purpose of the class was to inform us of our options. And to prepare us through knowledge. We mostly learned about: false labor vs. real labor, how to deal with contractions, what to do if your water breaks at home, natural/induced/epidural/caesarean births, pushing, and what to expect right after the baby is born.
One thing this class did have in common with the movies was THE VIDEOS. Yes, the birthing videos… circa 1990. Something you should know about me is I’m a laugher. If someone is laughing, you can bet I am, too. [Even if nothing’s really all that funny.] And when you are watching a birthing video of a full-grown, full-term pregnant lady wearing floor-length overalls, there’s bound to be some giggles. Have you gotten a visual? And if the couple next to you is laughing, ohh it’s even worse.
Fortunately, the lights were off and I’ve become quite the expert in tongue-biting. [Having had a lot of practice in my life!] I was so close to losing it so many times though, that I actually had to stare at a space on the wall instead of watching the video.
Now, I know there are some ladies that are really curious as to what we learned, so here goes it…

Labor at home as long as you can. CONSERVE ENERGY! REST!
Drink lots of H2O if you think you’re in labor… it’ll make false labor go away
Track contractions: 3-5 min apart for an hour… then go to hospital
Use breathing techniques (like hee hee hoo or whatever your preference) when you can no longer walk, talk, or laugh

Pee every 30-60 minutes
Moving helps labor progress
When labor plateaus: change positions, drink, & pee
Squat on birthing ball–open legs and sway

Take one cleansing (deep & slow) breath
Then one big inhale to push
Push from diaphragm down
Bear down for no more than 8 seconds
Get three pushes in per contraction

After baby is born!!!
Baby is usually alert for about an hour after birth
Skin-to-skin contact, a.s.a.p. to help regulate baby’s temperature
Nursing within the first hour leads to better eating habits, long-term
It’s safe to start tummy time in the hospital, and should continue this several times a day
Our instructor suggested letting the baby nap on her tummy once a day (supervised, of course!)

We definitely received lots of useful information and I highly, highly, highly recommend attending a birthing/labor class if you’re pregnant. I feel so much more confident and in control. Of course, my labor will be in God’s hands, but at least I’m not completely.freaked.out. anymore. I don’t do well with ‘fear of the unknown’ and now, I won’t be shocked or thinking things like, whaatt? you have to deliver the placenta, too? AND you might poop during delivery?! No one tells you these things before you’re pregnant, people. 

**I have a well-check up tomorrow, then on Thursday we have an ‘Extra TLC’ class where they’re gonna go more in depth with breathing during labor–something I know I’ll need help with!

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To Epidural or Not Epidural? That is the Question!

**I know many women feel very strongly about natural birth vs. epidurals and this is not that kind of post!**

In the last few years of my life, before I was ever pregnant, I felt very strongly about having a birth that was au natural. And when B was just my boyfriend back then, we’d have “debates” over it. He’d call me c-r-a-z-y, but I always stuck to my guns, saying things like, “My mom did it. I can, too!” 

However, that quickly changed once I actually became pregnant […among other things. Remember this post?]. I soon began thinking, Well, you don’t walk out of the hospital with a 5-foot-tall trophy recognizing all your hard work. You don’t even get a Rachel Berry-worthy gold star or button that reads, “I did it naturally.” I guess you get bragging rights? But it’s not like that’s even long-lasting. You just get a “Whoa! Good for you.” Or sometimes a, “Why? She’s crazy!” behind your back.

So, for the majority of my pregnancy I’ve been thinking I’d get an epidural. I mean, why go through all the pain? Epidural or not, every woman still walks out of the hospital with a healthy baby, right?

Well… after our Labor & Coping class this weekend, I’ve since changed my mind… yet again. We had such a wonderful instructor/nurse. She was never ever pushy. But she made me realize that having a natural birth may be a lot more doable [I didn’t say easier] than I imagined.

Bare with me while I give you a little lesson. 
There are four different stages of labor: 

Early Labor: 0-3cm dilated and usually lasts 7-8 hours
Active Labor: 4-7cm dilated and usually lasts 3-5 hours
Transition: 8-10cm dilated and usually lasts 1/2-1 hour
Pushing: 10cm dilated and it’s GAME TIME, BABY!

We were told that if a woman changes her mind and asks for an epidural it’s usually when she’s about 6-7cm dilated, or between the Active and Transition stage. Our instructor also went on to say that if a woman can make it through the Active Labor stage, she is more apt to make it through labor without an epidural, since she’s basically home-free…. only about 30 to 60 minutes left! Most people think that if it took you eight hours to get to 4cm dilated, then it’s going to take you another 8+ hours to get to 10cm. But that’s not the case. The farther along you are dilated, the faster labor gets. [This is, of course, in a ‘normal’ labor.]

That got me thinking. 

If I could make it through the first two stages of labor, then surely I could make it through the rest. 

The first two are the hardest because they last the longest. Our instructor said that if you’re thinking of having an epidural during the Active Labor stage, tell yourself to wait another twenty minutes; or work through another few contractions. She said, you may realize that by the time you do so, you’re about to enter the Transition stage (~8 cm dilated!!).

So what have I decided?

I’ve decided that I’d like to try and do it naturally for as long as I can. Our instructor was very objective in her teachings, but you could tell she was pro natural childbirth (after all, she had done it FIVE TIMES herself!). She was very encouraging about ‘hanging in there’ until about 6cm because once you’re there, you only have about an hour left to go. You’ve made it that far, why have an epidural then? Again, this is of course, if everything is going smoothly with the baby. I’m not even getting into if the baby’s breached, transversed, etc. That’s a whole other story! 

But of course, if I get to say, 4 or 5 centimeters dilated and absolutely!cannot!go!on! I’m not going to feel guilty, or feel like a ‘failure’ if I choose to have an epidural. B and I have discussed it, and I told him that if I ask for an epidural, he has to tell me, “Let’s wait twenty more minutes.” [I will put it in writing, if I have to, to remind myself I really said this because I probably won’t believe I did lol] And unless I’m cursing his head off, he said he’d stick to the agreement 😉

An epidural usually (of course, not always) prolongs labor because the woman is numb and cannot feel when to push. Plus, the woman cannot get up to walk around [due to the numbness]. Getting up and walking, changing positions, rocking in a chair, bouncing/sitting on a medicine ball, or squatting helps move labor along. I want to be able–or at least have the choice–to do the above. Thinking about being confined to a bed because I can’t move my legs makes me agitated inside. (Maybe it’s the control-freak in me??)

But most importantly, I feel at peace with this decision. For me. At least for now. {lol}

*The latter was simply what I learned this weekend. They’re my opinions and does not make me an expert by any means 🙂

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31 Weeks

How far along?

Total weight gain:

Maternity clothes:
I put on my size zero pre-prego jeans just for kicks and I.can.still.get.them.up!  Just not zipped and buttoned [lol] I seriously thought I’d never get them up my thighs! I make ’em work if I do the hair tie trick though 😉

I’m back to getting up to pee 2-3 times a night. My legs get sore and I have to switch back and forth, but once I’m asleep I’m well rested. 

I haven’t been entirely honest with my symptoms, as some of them aren’t always prevalent or consistent, or even all.that.pesty. so I don’t always feel the need to mention them. But lately, here’s what I’ve been experiencing at some point or another. I figured I’d be really real since I have some followers that are just starting out in their pregnancy or are a little behind me. I wouldn’t want to deceive y’all in any way!

...achiness in lower abdomen/along the sides of my belly…
…heartburn [becoming more frequent], indigestion, flatulence, bloating…
headaches [becoming more frequent]
nasal congestion [A LOT better!]
sensitive gums that bleed when I brush [once in a blue moon]
BACKACHE! [biggest symptom for sure]
soreness by my groin area [especially in the A.M. and P.M]
…itchy abdomen [now I understand why I always see women scratching their bellies hehe]
…protruding navel…
…shortness of breath [doesn’t help that I already have asthma]
…Braxton Hicks…
…absentmindedness [not as bad as the 1st tri though!]

Some days I’ll have the latter symptoms and other days I won’t. You can bet my back is always aching though!

Best moment this week:
Gettin’ my mommy haircut of course!
{Thanks for all the sweet comments. Olive you guys!}

What I’m looking forward to:
Our Labor & Coping class this weekend. Sat & Sun 9-1pm
{I’ll be sure to post about it!}

Our neighbor was grilling the other night and I totally wanted to invite myself over. I’d love me a hotdog on the grill! 

Still veggies, but I mixed them up in a chicken tortilla soup that I love to make. So at least the babe and I are getting them!

SO MUCH that at times it’s actually painful. B and I went to see Easy A yesterday [really funny!] and I couldn’t sit up straight because her feet were jammed in my right hip. It really hurt. I had to lean over the the left to give her room.

pink ‘n pearls

Belly button:
The top is O-U-T out. But not drastically…. yet.

What I miss:
Getting out of bed easily and reaching down to get something off the floor. Takes me a while these days!

My sweet baby girl will be full-term in just SIX WEEKS!

Favorite moments:
Feeling the chickadee move. She has been having the hiccups 1-2 times a day!

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“I Wanna Be a Billionaire…

…so freakin’ bad.”
Then I could buy my soon-to-be daughter e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. I want!!
Especially, everything from Etsy.
Here’s what I’ve been swooning over lately…

But most of all… this is a MUST! After this month, we’re getting it! Like for reals. You can’t put a price on pictures of your little one. Am I right?! The only problem is that it doesn’t have video. So what to do? Upgrade to the next model that does have video? Or buy a separate recorder? Say like a Flip? And these things ain’t cheap, peeps!

[Canon EOS Digital Rebel Xs Black 10.1 MP Digital SLR With 18-55-IS lens]


Now if you could tell me how I could become a billionaire and buy all these fabulous things, I’d love you forever. kthanks.

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Before & After

I did it! I finally did it!  
It was actually planned for next week, but I didn’t have anything to do so I went today instead! 
I absolutely L-O-V-E my new look. The picture doesn’t even really do it justice [not to be conceited] but I think this is just more… me. Although I could do a lot with my long hair I was actually never really that confident in it. I didn’t think it fit my personality, to be quite honest. I’m sure there will be days where I wish it were longer so I could curl it and do some sort of up-do, but for now… I’m so happy.

This new ‘do is really going to cut my hair drying/straightening routine in half. The last thing I want to do is spend an hour blow drying and straightening my hair when I have a newborn! I’m sure some of you ladies can relate.
So… whadaya think?!
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30 Weeks!

How far along?
30 weeks. Only 7-10 more to go!
Here’s a little belly comparison:

sorry about the sloppiness of the collage. I’m in a rush and I hate using PCs. I’m a Mac girl.

Total weight gain:
15 lbs
Maternity clothes:
bottoms and some tops
I have to switch back and forth between sides otherwise my hips, all the way down to my feet, will start to ache.
Last night was a terrible night’s sleep though. I’m visiting my parents again this weekend and I normally sleep in the guest room (even though my childhood bedroom is still how I left it for college). I don’t know why I’ve chosen to sleep in the guest room for the past 5 years. But I do. However, last night I was HOT. I thought I was in an inferno. I swore it was the bedroom because it’s felt hot to me in there the past three visits. So I picked up my snake of a maternity pillow, plus the two other pillows, grabbed Indy (what a sight I was!) and moved to my old room. Did I feel any cooler in there? Nope. I slept with the sheets off–which I HATE. Needless to say, I didn’t get any sleep. 

Wanna hear about the dreams I had when I was (sorta) sleeping?
I dreamed that I had a permanent top retainer and had to get it fixed because it came unglued. So a lady from my OB office fixed it, but she messed up somehow and now my jaw was in so.much.pain and I couldn’t open my mouth! It was so realistic, too, that when I woke up, my jaw was actually in pain. I must have been clenching it. Weird…
THEN… I had a dream that Blake and I were eating lunch at a cafeteria and Lea Michele from GLEE (obsessed!) was there. I asked her if she would go running with me after I had the baby so I could get back into shape. I told her I hate running with my husband (which is actually true, lol) and she told me YES! I wish this one was actually true! HA!

Slight heartburn every now and again, but not too bad.
Clumsiness! I went to go feed Indy last night and dropped the container! Dog food went E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. My dad doesn’t do well with NOT sweating the small stuff, but after he saw that I was just laughing & laughing at my inner-klutz, he lightened up.

What I’m looking forward to:
My baby showers and maternity shots!
I had a craving for some good ‘ole processed/fake cheese Easy Mac, but kept my craving under wraps. I’m glad I did.

Cooked vegetables!! I make them for my hubby and me for dinner, and try to disguise them, but they make me want to gag.

  Lots!Lots!Lots! Every now and again a body part will pop out.
sweet baby girl
Belly button:
the top is out
What I miss:
bending down with ease
30 weeks!
Favorite moments:
But you know what got to me last weekend…? I was with my parents and some friends for dinner and we had to wait 20 minutes for a table. No biggie, I’ll just sit and wait. Or so I thought! There were four benches in the foyer of the restaurant and NO ONE offered me their seat! Chivalry is dead to some people, I tell ‘ya! Clearly, I am prego, yo. I could see maybe two months ago someone not being very sure, but it’s quite obvi nowadays. Finally, some people got up only because their buzzer went off, and I darted over to the seat as fast as a pregnant lady could like it was down to the final two in musical chairs. 
In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How rude!”

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Meet My Friend, Ashley!

Hey Y’all,
After much coaxing and maybe a few death threats (…j/k!!) my friend Ashley has finally started a blog! Ashley’s husband, Aric, is a second year med student with Blake. I met Ashley while she was pregnant; she and Aric decided not to find out if they were having a boy or girl (they’re crazy!). 
Flash forward to D-Day… IT’S A BOY! 
His name is Aidan, and he’s soooo precious! Ashley was kind enough to let me hold this head-full of hair beautiful baby boy at just eight.hours.old! It doesn’t get better than that, my friends! 

You know how ‘they’ say when you’re in college you and your roommates all magically get your periods at the same time…?? Well, Blake seems to think Little Miss was created from being surrounded by too much baby-love! Because less than a week later, she was conceived. Coincidence? Hormones? Who knows! But it makes me laugh thinking about it.

Me & little Aidan at the hospital: 

First photo shoot:
[Marissa is another med school wife and is going to do my maternity and newborn shots!]

And now…. at almost 7 months old…!
[Little Misses future boyfriend]
Look at that hair! It’s just as fabulous in real-life. Mmm… I could eat him up! One chubby cheek at a time!

So go on now! Check out her new blog…. 

Show her some love, y’all! 🙂

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Good news! My glucose test came back normal, along with all my other blood work. Yipee!! But don’t you hate how YOU have to call the doctor’s office to find these things out? When they told you nearly TWO weeks ago they’d call you in a couple of days. Oh well… I’m just glad I don’t have to go back for the three-hour test. Can I get an Amen?! I asked so many people what they ate/didn’t eat the night before and morning of the test, and read on baby forums, but honestly the reviews were mixed. I ended up just eating a thin-sliced bagel with peanut butter and water for breakfast. The day before, I had ice cream, and it took every.bone.and.muscle in my body to stay away from the gallon-sized sweet tea container in the ‘fridge. Mmm I love me some sweet tea…


In other news… I scheduled an appointment to get my hair cut at the end of the month. EEK!! I am the!absolute!worst! at getting my hair cut, let alone having someone new do it. I even told the receptionist the hair dresser should know that I’m a nervous wreck when it comes to getting my hair cut. There’s no doubt in my mind I’ll probably shed a tear or two. My husband joked that he’s going to get a new wife. Silly

I’m anxious and excited for a new change though! My hair is fine, but thick, and It has taken me years…years I tell ‘ya! to find a conditioner that’ll let me almost run my fingers through my hair. And that miracle product is Redken’s All Soft. But on top of that I spray in Pantene’s leave-in conditioner. Before Redken’s miracle, it would take me forever and day to comb through my hair. No joke. My college roommate could shower and brush through her hair before I even finished combing through mine. Can you believe that?! I figured since I’m going to be a new mommy [ahh that sounds so friggin’ cool!], the last thing I’ll have time (or the desire) to do is my hair. But why should I sacrifice looking cute, either?! I figured cutting my hair to my shoulders would help ease and shorten the hair drying/straightening torture routine. I seriously h.a.t.e. doing my hair. Love doing others, but mine? notsomuch. When my hair was short in high school, it was such a breeze to straighten. Plus, the hair gods have blessed me with the ability to go days without having to wash my hair. Yeah, be jealous. I just hope the hormones don’t change this!

Anywho, I’ll be sure to post pics!

…Going to visit the ‘rents again this weekend, but I promise I won’t be late with the weekly prego post 🙂

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! xoxo

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