Tour de livery (said with French accent, of course)

Yesterday evening we toured the Women’s Center at the hospital I’ll be delivering Little Miss at. It was just your average general information session, where we were able to tour the hospital as well as sign up for classes. The hospital is just a ten-minute car ride from our house, although I’m sure on D-Day it’ll feel like ten hours! What I like about the Women’s Center is that they have private labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum rooms. I wish we could have taken pictures, but there were so many people around. Inside each of the rooms is a private bathroom, bed, baby warmer, bassinet, recliner for Dad, and small table and chairs.

We went ahead and signed up for all our classes, too:

We opted to do the Prepared Childbirth Weekend instead of the 5-night series because of B’s school schedule. We weren’t sure if one of the 2-hour classes would be the night before a big test. We’re also taking Training for Labor Coping, Baby Care Basics, Breastfeeding Basics, and Infant Safety & CPR. Basically, every one they offer 🙂 They also have prenatal yoga twice a week, which I’ll be sure to take advantage of! The tour was very exciting, but also very surreal. This baby is coming in three months—WHAT?! CA-RAY-ZEE I tell ‘ya!

**Nursery update… Her itty bitty clothes are being washed as we speak. We’ve encountered so many generous people whom have already helped out so much. I can’t wait to separate and fold her freshly washed onesies. On an even better note, we finally have a place to put all her clothes. B and I went to Target (said with French accent, too) last night and bought a shelving unit with canvas baskets to store some of her clothes, blankets, and books. I would put it together myself if it didn’t weigh a b.a.z.i.l.l.i.o.n pounds.

And for no real reason at all, other than to have a picture… because let’s face it, posts with pics are better than posts without pics, here’s my furbaby, Indy… just chillin’. 
He helped me sort through the baby’s clothes before putting them in the wash this morning, and I may or may not have tried on all the little hats on him. And he may or may not have participated consensually.

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7 Replies to “Tour de livery (said with French accent, of course)”

  1. aww Indy is too cute!
    The hospital sounds great! I know when that time comes that I would love for privacy like that, espeically since that's not an option everywhere (although that seems to be the growing trend, which I'm allll about). The yoga class sounds interesting, I'm sure it will give you several benefits than if you wouldn't take it!
    Can't wait to see everything all finished, sounds like everything is coming along nicely!

  2. Ha ha ha! aww I am glad that Indy is being helpful 🙂 I am so excited that y'all have a great hospital and I cannot wait to hear about the classes and the prenatal yoga classes as well! I hope you have a lovely afternoon! xoxo

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