Nursery Nifties

Remember this little pretty? You know… the one I was obsessing swooning over and finally got for Little Miss, courtesy my fabulous momma?
Well, last week I got in touch with my inner-Martha and whipped up a matching bird mobile to go with the theme. I improvised a little since Ms. Stewart’s supplies were lengthy, specific, and more tedious than need-be. (Sorry, Martha) PLUS, I have the unfortunate pleasure of living near really crappy Michael’s and JoAnn’s craft stores. Hello?! I live in old-people-country South Florida you’d think the craft stores would be bangin’ around here, no? 
Anywho… here’s the top of the mobile:
[I hot-glued all the flower pieces onto the already made white wired wreath]
I decided I’m going to hang it above the changing table instead, since there are little “crystal” flowers and balls, and I wouldn’t want one accidentally falling off while she’s sleeping in her crib.

Here are the little birdies that’ll hang from the wreath:
[I made two of each color, and the bottom right is a light pink–it came out kinda funny]

Next, B and I teamed up to build the little babe’s shelving/organization unit:
[I swear I helped. I was pretty nifty with the screw driver!]

[The little stuffed animal dog on the bumbo was my very first stuffed animal my mom ever bought me at Tavern on the Green in NYC]

Indy, of course, had to check it all out. I even caught him trying to steal the little caterpillar toy on the far left:
A hard day’s work…

But a huge success! And an even bigger thanks to my ah-maz-ing hubby for helping me out… even after his big test that day.
[You’re the best, babe!]

*Here’s the template for the bird mobile, in case you’re curious.*

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5 Replies to “Nursery Nifties”

  1. your mobile looks adorable!!
    Your shelves look awesome as well! Way to go you two!
    Oh, and the last picture with your hubby using Indy as a head rest-adorable! It doesn't look like Indy minds that at all!
    Your nursery is coming along beautifully, can't wait to see the final product!

  2. Your little nursery is turning out really cute! I also am planing on making the Martha Stewart version of the bird mobile, but I'm just trying to find out a way to make it a bit bigger. Yours looks cute 🙂

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