Baby Care 101

You need a license to breed dogs.
You need a license to drive.
You need a license to run a lemon ice stand at the beach.

Why don’t you need a license to breed have kids?

I think this law should be implemented, and personally, I think it should have been passed B.B.K.F. (Before Britney-K.Fed) 
[Don’t hate. I love me some old-school Brit as much as the next gal.]

Fortunately, for the hubs and me, I think we’ll be just fine.

We had our first baby class, and to be honest, I thought it was kind of lame-O. By no means am I the Baby Whisperer, but I do know a thing or two. And in this particular class there were only three things I didn’t know:

1. You shouldn’t use wipes for 2 (preferably 4) weeks. Instead, you should use plain white paper towels (like Bounty) and either wet them each time or keep them in a wet plastic baggy. Everyone I’ve known with a newborn has used wipes. They turned out just fine. But apparently, you shouldn’t use them for at least two weeks because you risk the chance of allergies.

2. When newborns have blue hands or feet it doesn’t mean they’re cold. (Tell this one to grandma.) It’s called cyanosis, and it’s a lack of oxygen. Usually it goes away in the first day, but could take a week. However, It could be a pulmonary problem, heart problem or a red blood cell problem. eek!

3. If a newborn has dry skin you shouldn’t put lotion on him/her. Instead, just let it run it’s course. It should go away within 1-3 weeks. I’ve always been taught that you should lather a baby up in (unscented) lotion. If the baby’s little ankles or other creases get cracked you could put on a tiny dollop of triple antibiotic ointment. 

They had a three week-old little bitty bean to demonstrate how to do the sponge bath. Ohh he was so precious. I just wanted to take him home with me! At the end, all the mommies and daddies got a creepy doll to practice changing a diaper, swaddling, and suctioning mucus out. I made B go first and might I brag say that he was the best in class 🙂 He did a super job, if I may say so. I can’t wait til he’s officially a daddy. [heart.melts]

OH! And I’ll have you know that ten minutes after we were there, the dreaded allergies came out to play. And they do NOT play nice! Why do they always show up when I have something important to do??!? I was miserable and

I’m going to let you in on a little fear of mine… blowing my nose in public! I have been scarred since kindergarten when this little boy named Alex (yes, I remember his name and exactly what he looks like because it.was.that.traumatic) called me out and made fun of me for blowing my nose in class. Oh the things that we remember as kids. Every since then I’ve always been so self-conscious about blowing my nose around people. There was no way around it though! I couldn’t keep getting up and leaving the room every five minutes time I had a date with Mr. Kleenex. That’s my secret. Please don’t tell anyone =P

Our next class is a two-day crash course on Labor & Coping in September. Should be interesting…

So that, my friends, was my Baby Care 101 experience. Anyone have anything they learned about babies they didn’t know before, either from a class or friend? 

Have a happy week!

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3 Replies to “Baby Care 101”

  1. The baby lotion thing seems a little off! I work as a nursery nurse and we are ALL about lathering up those dry skinned babies.

    and also form working in the nursery I 100% agree that people should have a license to have a baby. Seriously.

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