Midnight Munchies

Or should I say 2:00 A.M. munchies? That’s right… I wake up at two this morning [which isn’t abnormal for me to wake up a few times during the night] but I always pee fall back asleep. Nope, not this time. I tossed and turned, and could not get comfortable. Then the hunger set in. And when the hunger sets in, you can bet I’m not falling back to sleep. Little Miss agrees. I had to get something to eat. Now, my pre-preggers-self would have said, you’re ridiculous, Katie. You cannot eat at 2:00am. This isn’t college anymore. Go back to sleep.

But… when you have a little turkey in the oven [she’s a turkey since she’s a Thanksgiving baby–tehe] then your pre-preggers-self goes on a little hiatus. So at about 2:30, I finally gave in and poured myself a bowl of cheerios. I figure that isn’t too bad, right? But, no, sadly, that’s not enough. Still hungry. So I ate graham crackers and peanut butter. Yum. It satisfied my hunger and the little one, but then I was wide awake! So I watched So You Think You Can Dance on DVR for another hour before I told myself this is ridiculous and I need to go.to.bed.now.

So back to bed I went, pregnancy pillow and all (what a God send!), counted backwards from 100, and finally fell asleep… only to wake up again at 6:30 to take the dog out, then snuggled back in again until 9:15 when the painters wouldn’t let me sleep any longer. Good thing, too, because by this point I was s t a r v i n g... again.

What’s worse than starving–and a really bad habit of mine–I must admit, is when I let myself go too long without food. I tell myself, I’ll just check my e-mail real quick then pop a bagel in the toaster. But checking my mail real quick turns into logging onto babycenter.com, then Facebook, and, oh look who went on this beautiful vacation! I think I’ll look through her 150 pictures of St. Thomas. And all the while, my stomach is begging for a morsel of food. And it isn’t until Little Girl is kicking and I feel like I might fall over that I finally get up and get something to eat. And every day I vow not to do this again tomorrow. And what happens…? Well, you get the point.

Time for lunch!

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  1. I'm exactly the same way! I'm almost always hungry, and always around 2am, too! We must have some hungry little ladies! Yay for being allowed to eat all the time though 🙂

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