Girl’s Got Style

Our little girl isn’t even born yet and she already has her first pair of designer shoes! Our friend, and also Blake’s classmate, went to Italy over the summer with her husband and brought our daughter back Burberry shoes. Whaaatt??!! I don’t even have designer shoes! Tell me these are not ridiculously cute!
I absolutely cannot wait ’til she can wear these! 

In other news… I’m staying at my parents’ house this week while the hubs is in Jamaica on a mission trip. He went over there with a few classmates and doctors to work in the clinics. I guess this is a trial run of the future because I am not able to talk to him this entire week!! 🙁 
But what’s even more miserable than that is yesterday, my parents started having their house re-painted, and the painters cut the cable line. No TV or Internet! AND on top of that, they shut the A/C off . Hello?? I live in Florida and it’s a bazillion and one degrees here in July. Seriously, no TV, Internet, or A/C…. are you trying to kill a pregnant lady?! It was miserable to say the least. I did watch Finding Nemo and The Holiday (my all-time fav) to occupy me. Then today, nerd alert, I watched the first Harry Potter (getting excited about the new one!!!) until the cable guy came and fixed everything. Hallelujah! 
Hope y’all are staying cool in this crazy heat!

3 Replies to “Girl’s Got Style”

  1. Oh my goodness – those shoes are RIDICULOUS!!! How insanely adorable 🙂
    I love them!!!
    And what??? No A/C, no internet, no t.v. annnnnd you're poor self is pregnant?! What is going on?!
    I hope that the hubs has a good trip in Jamaica… the wonderful world of medicine hey?! Hmmmmm… We'll all get through it together!

  2. Holly wow! I love those! They are soo stinking cute!!! Your little one is one lucky lady already!
    And no a/c, internet or tv? That would drive anyone crazy… I'm glad you got it all back at least!
    I hope your hubs has a great trip and returns home safely 🙂

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