Gender Reveal Party

We had our anatomy scan on June 23 and were excited to see our baby. Most importantly all of the baby’s organs looked great! 100% healthy! I think that’s all every parent wants for their child. We were also really excited to find out whether we were having a boy or girl.

Overall, our ultrasound experience was phenomenal. We had an awesome u/s tech that really took his time letting us look at the baby, and freezing frames for us to see. When I first laid down though, I was shaking uncontrollably—I was so nervous. The baby must have picked up on that because we could see “it’s” legs literally kicking in and out like crazy! So cool!

We asked the tech if we could guess the baby’s gender before he told us. He froze the frame on the “goods” and I looked at B and asked, “Do you know?” Right away he said, “Yep. I know, do you?” [I knew, too.]

We went back to my parents’ home the next day and had several members of our family come over to reveal the gender. We decided to bake a cake and dye it either pink or blue (I know, it’s over done, but no one in my fam has done it before so it was new to us)! I covered that baby in the whole tub of chocolate frosting. No way was anyone going to get a peak… especially my mom! She’s sneaky like that 😉

We had everyone wear either blue or pink, depending on what their guess was. My mom, mother-in-law, and dad were the only people to guess girl. My father-in-law, Blake’s grandma, and his two sisters guessed boy. We’ll see who was right…

The set-up (with a newborn picture of me):
The cake:
My mom cutting in and taking a peak before everyone else (I told you she’s sneaky):
It’s a….
Cutest little pearl shirt from my sister-in-law, Michelle. Very classy.
[No one knew the gender ahead of time. She bought boy clothes, too, just in case. hehe]
Blake’s fav… Michael Jordan socks from my sister-in-law, Ann Marie. Awesome!
One of the first outfits we bought after we found out it was a girl… “Daddy Adores Me”:
Need I say more??!! She has no choice.
Another outfit we bought… LOVE it!
For my mom… “If Mommy says no, ask Grandma” I think she liked it 🙂

So, needless to say, everyone was shocked, surprised, and excited! Our little one will be the first girl on each side of the family, the second grandchild on Blake’s side, and the FIRST on mine. And I think it goes without saying that she’ll be a very spoiled and loved little girl, too! Just like her Mama =P

In case you’re wondering, yes, we do have her name picked out, but you’ll just have to wait until she arrives. We’re planning on keeping it a surprise from everyone!

Thanks everyone for all your comments 🙂

8 Replies to “Gender Reveal Party”

  1. Didn't I tell you I always guess wrong?!?! Congratulations!!!!
    i am so so so excited for you 🙂
    Ahhhh, you guys are going to have the cutest baby on the planet!!

  2. Woot Woot! I so knew it :D. I hope you are doing well. She is going to be such a gorgeous little lady. I love the idea of dying the cake, what a neat way to reveal the baby's gender! Lots of love XOXO

  3. Yay for baby girls! And you let everyone know in such a fun way! We wanted to have a gender reveal surprise too, however, all our family is just so far away… I'm so happy for you!

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