23 Weeks

How far along?
23 weeks
Total weight gain:
4, maybe 5?
Maternity clothes?
Yeah, buddy! Maternity shorts all the way. Me likey.
Great! Now that I have a maternity pillow and figured out how to use it! [Those things should come with instructions!] I still get up once, maybe twice to pee, but I sleep so soundly in between.
The devil allergies. It’s awful. But doing much better today, thank goodness. 
What I’m Looking forward to:
While I’m not looking forward to the process of cleaning out my closet, and the baby’s room, I am looking forward to making progress and getting it d.o.n.e. 
Still nothing.
Best moment this week:
Going to a cute little French cafe downtown with my husband, just enjoying “us” time before he starts back up to med school on Monday.
Lots! All the time, and lots of rolls. Plus, she’s given me a few good kicks to the bladder for the first time this past week.
girlie girl
Belly button in or out?
Almost flat.
What I miss:
Being able to control my allergies. Nothing seems to work! The doc told me which meds I can take, but I still try to avoid all meds if possible. 
Little Girl is over 11 inches long, and over a pound. She can feel me dance, and hear the dog bark!
Favorite moments:
Feeling her move right before I go to bed.

6 Replies to “23 Weeks”

  1. Allergies are a big pain..I know it sounds weird but first thing in the morning when I drink my coffee or hot tea, I put the cup on my face haha. I *feel* like it helps break up all the gunk and it just feels soothing! You look great..cute little bump!

  2. You're looking great! It sucks that you have those allergies though. I don't know if you've tried it already, but you can take Benadryl for it (it's one of the safe meds). Oh, and my favorite moments are when she kicks too! I just want to hug her each time she does it! It's the best feeling ever!

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