Star Struck

As a lot of you know, I went to the Michael Buble concert this weekend, but what you (and I) didn’t know was that Blake surprised me with FLOOR SEATS!! He kept it a secret for months and surprisingly I didn’t badger him to tell me where we were sitting. I knew they had to be good seats if he was keeping it a secret, but I didn’t know they were going to be this good:

This is without zooming in!

Something you may not know about B is that he’s pretty charming and can make friends with a wall. So it came as no surprise when he made friends with an usher (as soon as I calmed down from finding out we had floor seats). Some of our family members had been at his show a few days prior and informed us MB comes out into the middle of the audience and onto a small stage to sing a couple of songs. He asked the usher exactly when and where he would be doing so. Of course she told us. He’s good like that. *In exchange for this insider information he promised to take pictures on her camera phone

We had to let the couple sitting next to us in on this little secret, so they wouldn’t be alarmed when I trampled them when the moment arrived that MB would be singing RIGHT NEXT TO US! Our seats were just a small leap away from where he would be performing. 

The sweet usher told us exactly which song he’d be making his way towards us. As soon as I heard the song, my game face was on! We saw the stage being propped up, MB walking down the stairs of the main stage, and we bolted. Good thing too, because other people caught on and were running our way. There were security guards around, but they weren’t going to stop a crowd of screaming girls, cougars, and their man friends snapping pictures!

Can I just say that if I were watching myself from afar, I’d probably be making fun of me. I was screaming his name and jumping up and down just trying to get a grab at him. Well, my friends, persistence and making a fool of yourself pays off because that cute crooner reached down and grabbed my hand…. AND his sweat particles landed upon me! 

It made my night. For sure. And I couldn’t be happier that my wonderful boyfriend was there to capture it all on camera. B was scared for a moment I wasn’t going to return. Here are some pictures of how close we were: [I was touching the stage unbeknownst to the security guards]

*yes that’s me…bottom right… right after he grabbed my hand… and the salt ‘n peppered-haired security guard no longer in front of me*

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, and has a very blessed week!
P.S. Let me know if you can’t view the videos. This is my first attempt at being tech-savvy. I used iMovie for the first time today and impressed myself! ha!
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  1. WOW!!! That is AH-MAZING!!! I am so happy for you…and don't worry I would have lost it too! Ha ha ha! I am so glad you had a great time and what a wonderful boyfriend you have!! Happy Monday! xoxo,KA

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