Yep, that’s right! I went to Taylor Swift’s 1st concert for her Fearless 2010 Tour! Woo hoo!! I had so much fun with my best friend & sorority sister, Lauren, and of course, B =) I’m a huge country fan, and was so excited to see Gloriana and Kellie Pickler open for her. 

I will say that I felt a little old cheering for someone a few years younger than me, especially surrounded by screaming and crying tweens. BUT I HAD FUN!!!! She puts on a great show–even stopping in the middle to hug anyone and everyone around her. 

Next up…. 

Mmm… I love me some Michael Buble! B and I are going to see him next week and I can’t wait! He won’t tell me where we’re sitting, so it must be some place good 😉

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